Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After my relentless writing on the blog, the FM bucks his earlier stand and promises reforms:
That is why I say, always fight it out on the streets for your rights and never get cowed down, your victory will be written on the wall
In another bizzare incident regarding the debate on Homosexuality, everyone from the third rated actress like Celina Jaitley to Dr.Dr Devdutt Pattanaik threw stones only at Baba Ramdev winking at other religious leaders. These timid persons have the courage only to hurt the Hindu Religious gurus. Unless Hindus start kicking the bottoms of these fellows such things would continue to happen again and again....and the Hindu Gurus would be humiliated in front ot 100 Crore population, which is becoming unbearable....
In this connetion, I remember a famous Bengali Poem:
"Mago......vabna keno??
Amra tomar shanti prio shanto cheley...
Tobu shotru ele ostro hatey lortey jani....
Tomar voy nei ma amra...................
Protibadd kortey jani.....!!!"
[Dear ma or mother (Here mother refers to Janmabhoomi or Karmabhoomi), we are your tolerant and peaceful children, but when the enemy comes we know how to wield weapons and fight them out. You do not have to worry dear mother, we know how to protest]
Hence unless the Hindus know how to protest at the correct forum and at the correct time, they would be used a "Football" by all vested interest/ religious groups. Hindus no longer wants to become "Football", but wants to become player.....
As mentioned earlier, none had the courage to say such derogatory words against Muslim/Christian Organisation and some politicians like Laloo Yadav, who also put forward the same argument.
A couple of days back, women's rights lawyer Ms.Flavia Agnes also said some bullshit on Hinduism while talking about mass marriage of some Tribals in Madhya Pradesh. If she has not learnt what Hinduism is, till now, she should come to me, I will make her understand.
It is these people who convert or have earlier converted these poor people through money power into Christians. There is a video in this blog in this direction. The result is that in Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, etc, we have alien cultures in conflict with the Indian Culture.
If we go back to History we would find that, as a result of Muslim invasions from the West and Northwest, areas lying on way of Muslim invaders, long occupation and mass conversions of the Hindus to Islam at the point of the sword, the Hindu states of Baluchistan, NW Frontier, Punjab and Sindh became Muslim majority states. Afghanistan became completely Islamic. Bengal on the East also became predominantly Islamic -- for reasons best known to all.
The net result was that Islamized areas adopted Alien culture and turned hostile to national Hindu ethos and culture -- ultimately ending up as separate Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
There is already a secessionist insurgency going on the in only Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir where almost all the non-Muslims have been expelled. To claim Pakistan is fomenting trouble is to state only half the truth. The insurgency has much support from the local Muslim population.
Some days back there were reports on a section of the media that, Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network has taken up the cause of China’s Muslim Uighur minority with a pledge to attack Chinese workers in northwestern Africa in retaliation for mistreatment by Beijing of its largest Muslim minority. Al-Qaeda's Algerian-based offshoot, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), has issued the call for vengeance, according to the South China Morning Post, which quoted an intelligence report from the London-based risk analysis firm Stirling Assynt. It would be the first time that bin Laden’s organisation has threatened China or its interests — underlying the risks Beijing faces as it expands its economic investments overseas. The assessment by Sterling Assynt warned that the threat should be taken seriously and said: “Although AQIM appear to be the first arm of al-Qaeda to officially state they will target Chinese interests, others are likely to follow."
BUT VERY FEW INDIANS ACTUALLY TALKS OF SUCH EVENTS....if one Hindu organisation or one Varun Gandhi says something, Chota Shakeel and his men gangs up to kill that person. There are repeated bomb blasts all over India and whole of India is taken for ransome. It is unfortunate but true that wherever in the world we have Muslim Population, we have the problem of Terrorism, starting from Somalia to Chachenia, to India to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Bangladesh, to USA to UK and so on....The question remains how is the "Religion/Cult of Peace giving rise to so much violence and blood shed, unless something is there in that cult"??!!
Moreover, is Osama Bin Laden the human blood sucker, a Muslim or a Hindu??!! Due to this fellow a large part of India/US's/world resources have been wasted. Now our Shameless PM is in favour of talks with another shameless country Pakistan....
"Kya baat karna hai in logo ke bare main...."...."Sab ki sab harami hai, desh ka dushman......"
The persons like Ms.Flavia Agnes are such Crooks that they cannot do any social work without converting poor people into Christians...Hindu Organisations like Rashtriyo Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Ramakrishan Mission, Bharat Sevak Samaj, etc, are doing so much work without doing a forceful/illicit conversions. The truth is that these fellows have two pairs of teeth--one for showing and other for eating foods....
However, the most derogatory obsevation was of the item girl Celina Jaitely (and look alike of Lanny Barby a French Canadian Pornographic Actress), whose body is now like a damaged bridge, no one to ride on it.
The should be condemned for presenting such derogatory statement against Baba Ramdev, coming from the C-grade actor, who now earns her living selling half naked photos of her in B-rated films to titilate the male audiences.
Before delving into what this uncultured lady said, here is a sampling of what some Muslim/Christian organistaions said:
1. "It is a conspiracy to finish our moral values and those who are involved in such activities have no place in our society," Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, president of Jamaat- e-Islami Hind, told reporters. Maulana Umari also criticised those who cite fundamental rights for legalising gay activities saying such rights are not absolute.
Several Muslim organisations have opposed the government's proposed move to reconsider the Section 377 that criminalises homosexuality as it is against the Islamic laws and against moral values. A dozen prominent Muslim leaders in a statement said that the "Legalisation of homosexuality is an attack on Indian religious and moral values.".The statement had the approval of Maulana Jalaluddin Omari, President of the Jamaat-e Islami Hind, Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasimi, Rector of Darul Uloom Waqf, Deoban, Maulana Mufti Mukarram Ahmad, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Fatehpuri, among others.
2. Father Dominic Emmanuel, Director of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, claimed gay activities would increase the risk of HIV infection. He, however, made it clear that they were not in favour of treating homosexuals as criminals despite their activities are "unnatural". "We are always with them (gays) and ready to offer them counselling as it is possible to bring homosexuals in the mainstream of life," Immanuel said.
3. Kamal Farooqui, chairman of the Minority Commission of New Delhi and member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, is known as a modern Muslim. Farooqui is also a distinguished community leader who has done commendable work in giving education to poor Muslim children.
He said, "If my daughter or son would have been such, I would have definitely counsel them. I would have explained them this is unnatural and inhuman. Because this will ultimately lead to the destruction of the human race. This (legal right to have sex with the same sex) cannot come under the definition of 'freedom'. All kinds of freedom have some moral context or ethics. We have to follow those ethics.We should certainly allow them to be a part of our society with counseling saying that they should not get into this kind of immoral acts. For some it may not be immoral but we are Indians, we consider it unnatural. This act is against the human race.I am talking straight. I am talking about the survival of the human race. I am talking about reproduction theory. I am talking of natural process of evolution. Tell me from where reproduction will come? If this is the ideal situation they are talking about, then, where will the world go?we consider them 'normal human beings'. If some deficiency is left in them we take it into consideration and ask them to change. People do have deficiences. We keep them as a part of society. We give them extra care and help. We hug them and counsel them. But, how can we allow them to have immoral acts just because they have a certain deficiency? Who is asking for certificates from anybody? I will speak according to my moral values, my religious values. I won't change my views according to you or as per their demands."
4. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a prominent body of Muslim community, also warned the government of "sexual anarchy" in the society if homosexuality is legalised. "Those opposing the section are influenced by Western culture. Those who argue for independence do not realise that independence should have its limits," said Abdul Hameed Noamani, spokesperson for Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.
I am not taking either side as I think as long as people's activites do not interfere with the activities of the others, it should not be banned. But a third grade actor like Celina Jaitley with hanging face should not humiliate Joga Guru Ramdev ALONE to this extent. If she at all has the courge she should take on Muslim and Christian Religious leaders as well decently along with Baba Ramdev; because democracy respects individual opinions--India is a democractic country and not an Islamic country.
She wanted show her anger against those opposing Homosexulity and made only Baba Ramdev a scapegoat. It is because she knew majority of Hindus are tolerant and would not do her any harm. By such unfortunate statements she has shown her true worth and shows her upbrining and he education quotient. How many degrees does this ignorant lady has in acting or film making, I want to know........
There is a limit to open ones mouth. Here is a sampling of Celina Jaitley's derogatory comments on Baba Ramdev, who has done so much to popularise Yoga throughout the world. This lady now is in search of cheap gimmicks to make a name.......after her "Half Naked bodies shown in her movies" are failing to "Masterbate" the minds of male audiences. Please go thorough the following.....
1. Reacting to the claim, Celina Jaitley said ‘self-styled doctors’ like Ramdev’s opinion is ridiculous. “With all due respect to Baba Ramdev he may have the so called ‘cure’ but the point is LGBT community does not see homosexuality as a disease,” the actress said. She calls Yoga Doctors as self styled...Does she know that there is another form of treatment called Alternative Medicine (AM), which offer MBBS degree in AM. There is a Yoga College which offers degree in Yoga Therapy. I personally know the principal of one such college who is a Brahmin & has Phd degree in Sanskrit. The doctors coming out of that college are given jobs in government medical colleges. Only an illeterate-moron will say that Sachin Tendulkar or Pt. Zakir Hussein do not have a degree and hence they are unfit for playing Cricket and Tabla.
2. “People should not be judged on basis of what they do in their bedroom because if it was only about that some of our taxes would have to be deployed into a special bedroom vigilance force which I am sure these babas would love to lead,” she said. Look at the last line, " sure these babas would love to lead"--this is coming out from a Bollywood actor. Shame upon Bollywood which produces such depleted souls....
3. This third rated actor said, "Baba should limit himself to teaching yoga as ‘he cannot and does not have the qualification or degrees to diagnose an illness without any medical background because it would fall under fake medical malpractice". Celina called Baba Ramdev 'Samaaj Ka Thekedaar' and feels that Baba is on a rant against homosexuality because of his ‘remote upbringing and closed mindset’.
Yes Celina, because of Babajis closed mindset he is so popular throughout the world!! The truth is that in a democracy everyone has a opinion and hence Baba Ramdev is entitled to his opinion. I wonder if Celina Jaitley has the same "Dutch courage" to utter these lines in Saudi Arabi or Iran?? If she does, she would be whipped on an open buttock/bottom (Trousers removed to show the bare skin) in front 1000s of people.....
4. Even if Baba Ramdev screams from every rooftop of India, the reality is homosexuality will not cease to exist."
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today sought to soothe industry’s and stock market’s nerves by saying that the government would not monetise the fiscal deficit. Spending a good part of his reply in the Lok Sabha on allaying fears over the seeming lack of reforms in his July 6 Budget, Mukherjee promised a roadmap for disinvestment in public sector undertakings and the financial sector.
Mukherjee justified the government’s huge borrowing programme — a little more than Rs 4 lakh crore this financial year — as essential for bringing the country back on a high-growth path. “During the first half of 2009-10, the government’s market borrowing of Rs 2,41,000 crore of dated securities is being supported by RBI (the Reserve Bank of India) through open market operations (OMO). It has to be understood that OMO of RBI should not be confused with monetisation of government borrowings and that the government has no intention of monetising its debt.”
OMO involves RBI purchasing government securities in the secondary market, as distinct from monetisation, in which RBI lends directly to the government.
Mukherjee maintained that despite the increased borrowings in the current year, the cost had been low so far and the government would not crowd out private investment.
Mukherjee said his ministry had initiated discussions with other ministries and departments for identifying public sector undertakings in which a portion of government equity could be sold, and those that could issue fresh equity to meet their requirements.
Talking of the volatile nature of certain private capital flows, especially those involving foreign institutional investors, the finance minister said: “Though such flows provide critical risk capital with long-term benefits to the economy, the volatile nature of these flows has a negative impact on investments decisions. We have to create the necessary policy environment that helps in addressing such concerns.”
He said the government would look into all issues, legislative or otherwise, necessary to carry forward the reforms to their logical end.
He said the country would return to the path of fiscal prudence without compromising the growth momentum. Expressing confidence that the fiscal deficit will narrow down to 4 per cent in two years – its is projected at 6.8 per cent this year – Mukherjee said the Sixth Pay Commission arrears would have been paid out this financial year.
The increase in plan spending as part of the implementation of the fiscal stimulus had been in the nature of frontloading of the plan expenditure approved for the Eleventh Five Year Plan. “With some effort we should be able to align it with our future requirements,” he said, hinting that the remaining period of the Plan may not see high expenditure.
On the revenue side, the finance minister said much of the decline in business and corporate tax collections was cyclical and could be reversed with the anticipated increase in growth from the second half of the current financial year. With the introduction of the goods and service tax in 2010-11, there could be a sustained rise in tax revenues.
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