Friday, August 14, 2015

Rasoya Proteins Ltd: Buy in Bulk

Rasoya Proteins Ltd (NSE Code: RASOYPR and BSE Code: 531522), a listed company is one of the major soyabean processors in the state of Maharashtra. It markets the Rasoya brand of Soya-oil, which off-late has emerged as a leading brand of edible oil in Maharashtra.

It is to be noted that low Soyabean output since the last two years has been one of the major reasons for the current depleted fundamentals of the company (apart from the GDR fiasco). 

Meanwhile, Rasoya Proteins Limited, which has a debt of over Rs.100 crore, had been classified as a NPA this April (2015) by a consortium of Banks, led by State Bank of India (SBI)--Bank of Baroda (BoB) is also having a share in the loan. However, during the last quarter, the company duly lodged Insurance Claim of Rs.34 Cr with the insurer towards Soyabean Stock Destroyed/Damaged due to fire which is yet to be realized.

The promoters have already indicated that low output and high prices of soyabean have hit the company's profitability, affecting the repayment of loans. 

However, better prospect of Soya-crop this season, has again raised the hopes of the shareholders. Also, the company is looking to operate its main plant with increased capacity, post-harvest season, beginning from September, 2015.

During the June 2015, the company came out with a slightly better standalone results, speaking sequentially.

The main activity of the company--Solvent extraction has not been carried out during the entire June, 2015 quarter due to non availability of Agro based Raw Materials, Soyabean Seed. As a consequence the Refinery and Captive Power Plant operation remained closed during that period. However, the plants for Value added products, viz. Fish Feed and Powder Lecithin  are in operation.  

The company's full Product Range Includes:
  • Soya Flakes / Grits :- Soya DOC, Soya Hi-pro DOC, Soya Full Fat Soya DOC / Meal - Enzyme active, Soya Grits Untoasted, Soya Flakes - Toasted - Food grade, Flakes MPDI, Full Fat Grits,
  • Soya Flour - Toasted / Untoasted, Food grade / Feed Grade, Hi-pro flour,
  • Soya Lecithin : Liquid and Powder,
  • Soya Textured Protein,
  • Soya Refined Oil,
  • Fish Feed.
It is a Reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of Soya Products, Wheat Flour, Fish Feed and Power generation in India. It has three Soya Processing Units with a total capacity of 1800 MT per day. It also has two refineries with capacity of 250 MT per day. Moreover, it possesses important certificates like: 
  • Cert ID NON GMO certificate,
  • Kosher certificate,
  • HalalCertificate,
  • ISO 22000:2005. 
Buy the shares of the company for a short term target of Re.1 and long term target of Rs.10. The general theory is that the share of such a company cannot trade below its Face Value even with these fundamentals. 
The investors/traders should note that it is a SPECULATIVE COUNTER and is ONLY SUITABLE, for high-risk-taking-individuals.

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