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We will give you, the business development portfolio and pay you handsome amounts for your efforts. It does not matter, in which part of the world you are, as long as you can bring businesses. If you are interested, please send me at mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Market Roundup
The fourth recommended Super Premium Call: Jai Balaji Industries Ltd gave almost 20% return from the recommended price of around Rs.11 - 11.40. The scrip today closed at Rs.13.30, up 4.31%, after touching an intra--day high of Rs.13.35. The steel stocks are expected to do well in the coming days. One of my earlier recommended steel stocks, Tata Steel Lt at around Rs.217, gave multi-bagger returns in the last 18 months. The stock closed at Rs.687.65, after making a 52-week high of Rs.693.
The 5th Super Premium Call is ready for recommendation.. Those who want to invest in that scrip can deposit Rs.15,000 by tomorrow morning or they can subscribe to my Premium Service or trade through my recommended brokerage house to get 2 (two) such calls absolutely FREE of Charge. In case of spot payment they would get such calls till they do not get back the subscription charge of Rs.15,000 on a portfolio of Rs.1 lakh.

Energy Development Company Ltd hit another buyer freeze in the opening trade today at Rs.23.15 in the NSE. I have given a target of Rs.27-31 for the scrip, subject to certain conditions.

Unitech Ltd (Rs.7.35) gave some upward movement today but could not close above Rs.7.70. This stock have been falling to Rs.6.70-7 and then giving some stray movements after some days, indicating operator - play. I do not see any future of the stock, in the short term. However, if you have a time horizon of 18-24 months, you can take a risk with a SL at Rs.5.

Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.7.95) today closed near the days high of Rs.8.10. After consolidation the scrip could now attempt to cross the zone of Rs.11-12. The ace investor, Rakesh Jhunhunwala holds stake in one of its sister companies.

The fourth Recommended  Scrip of the Super Premium Calls has hit another Buyer Freeze. The name of the stock begins with the letter"J" (Hint: I have recommended this share, several times earlier). The name of the stock will be disclosed after it gives at least 20-25% returns. It has already given ~15% return. So, those who have started with a portfolio of Rs.1 lakh and paid Rs.15000 for one year subscription has already got their money back [15% return of Rs.1 lakh is Rs.15,000]. If you have lost money in the share market, please don't lose hope, keep trying with fresh capital, with more stronger research -- I am sure, you will definitely succeed. 
However, in this kind of market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make money on a consistent basis, without the help of experts (....even they fail in some occasions, because of inconsistent government policies, accompanied by global uncertainty and fickle market conditions) or unless the investor/trader has done adequate research and have the relevant experience. Also, don't come to share market unless you have at least Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1,00,000 in your kitty or portfolio. It will be a waste of time, if you spend your energy and time to get only Rs.5000 return on a capital of Rs.30,000 -- better invest in FDs or Government Bonds or for Booking Real Estate Projects (...but this has become pure gambling now).

Those who are interested in Joining my Premium Service can send me mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com. The overseas investors can open demat accounts in the name of any of their close (mother, father, brother, wife, etc) relatives in India and start trading; instead of opening an NRI account. Only thing is that: they have to issue cheques on their names. 

Energy Development Company Ltd (Rs.22.05), an Amar Singh and Jaya Prada company has hit another buyer Free Yesterday. Those Super Premium Group members, who have invested in this scrip around Rs.17-18 has already got more then 20% return in short time.

Future Enterprises Ltd (Rs.52.30)after hitting a high of Rs.62.20 is not going anywhere during the  last few weeks. The Charts are also not showing much promise except a "Hammer Like" (not hammer) yesterday. In such circumstances, I would suggest you, to sell the stock and invest elsewhere. 

Jai Prakash Power Ventures Ltd (Rs.7.39) yesterday hit a low of Rs.6.65 intra-day before closing at the Upper Circuit at Rs.7.39 in the BSE. The traders should note that unless the scrip closes above Rs.8.20, it will vacillate between these two ranges.

After my sell Call on Unitech Ltd (Rs.7) at Rs.7.40, it has not gone anywhere, during the last few weeks. The investors/traders should sell the scrip and invest in more promising stories 

Monday, September 18, 2017

As expected Energy Development Ltd hit the buyer freeze today at Rs.21. Accumulate the shares for targets of Rs.27-31. Join the Premium Service or trade through my recommended brokerage houses, to be a part of the team. Actually, I cannot give everything free of charge, as I have to cover the research cost apart from getting other information on companies. If you are unable to shell out the subscription charge, then you can trade through my recommended/associate brokerage house with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakh and get the Premium Service FREE. The Brokerage, would be 50 paise (Re.0.50) for delivery based trades. 

Madhucon Projects Ltd (Rs.31.80), touched Rs.34, intraday. Accumulate for targets of Rs.39-41. The company now has an order book of Rs 5851 crore, which includes new orders of Maharashtra road projects of Rs 1137 crore and Bangalore Road works package 2 of Rs.598 crore. The company said it expects new orders worth Rs.10,000 crore during 2017-18.

The Fourth Super Premium Call hit another BUYER FREEZE today. Pay Rs.15, 000 and get one Super Premium Pick. Only condition is that you should not go for debt funding (leverage taking) in such scrips. I am coming up with 5th Super Premium Call, those who wants to subscribe please do it before next Saturday or 23rd September, 2017.

Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.7.80) today moved to Rs.7.99 intra-day. The stock seems to have made a temporary bottom. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Market Mantra
1. The 4th Recommendation to the Special Group has hit the upper circuits today. This will give at
Photo: Alchetron
least 25% return from the current price. What is the name of the scrip?

2. Let me give you the name of the 3rd Recommended Stock from the Super Premium Pack: the company is owned by an influential politician from Telengana (earlier Andhra Pradesh) Mr.Nama Nageswara Rao. If you remember my Renuka Choudhury episode, which happened some years back, then  you must have heard his name. He is the owner of the infrastructure company Madhucon Projects Ltd (Rs.31.10). One interesting point is that the company has gone back to the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) model, where investments and risks are lower. The firm which started off with EPC business and later became asset-heavy, is beginning to demerge or monetize its operational build, operate and transfer (BOT) road assets. It sold stakes in some operational BOT assets in the past and are looking to exit more assets. The company, which has several road projects under its portfolio, has taken to arbitration in resolving issues relating to some of them. The company now has an order book of Rs.5851 crore, which includes new orders of Maharashtra road projects of Rs.1137 crore and Bangalore Road works package 2 of Rs.598 crore. The company said it expects new orders worth Rs.10,000 crore during 2017-18. 
I reiterate that its management has stated that, it is now fully focusing on EPC projects and item rate project works, rather than BOT mode projects.You can buy this stock for short term targets Rs.39-41.

3. Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd (Rs.407.50) was recommended yesterday at around Rs.396, SL: Rs.391, T: Rs.406 on T+2 basis. Today, it has made a high of Rs.409.75. The traders are suggested to book profits. 

4. The scrip of HDIL is today again at Rs.61.50-62. Those who could not or did not buy earlier can take position in the scrip with a SL of Rs.57, for targets of Rs.65-67-71..

5.  Intra-day short Natural Gas at around Rs.196,  SL above Rs.197, T: Rs.194. Softening of oil prices and a global supply glut are forcing LNG exporters to offer better deals to retain their share in global energy markets. Recently, the Indian company Petronet LNG successfully renegotiated with Australia's Gorgon project, for lower LNG prices.

6. PICK OF THE WEEK (Brokerage Call): Buy Cummins India Ltd at around Rs.935, SL: Rs.900 T: Rs.1005-1020.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Winning Strokes: Think Different
1. The 3rd recommended Special Pick closed at Rs.32.05 in the NSE, up more than 5%. It is a company owned by a politician in South India and its name starts with "M". 

2. The winning streak in Energy Development Company Ltd, was broken today as the stock closed at Rs.20.95 in the bourses, down 2.78%. However, you can accumulate this Amar Singh and Jaya Prada company in all intraday declines for targets of Rs.47-51, in the medium term.

3. The Future Enterprises which was recommended in this blog around Rs.18-19 closed flat at Rs.54.35 today, after making a 52-week high of Rs.62.20. The retail space should do well in future due to higher - disposable - income in the hands of the Indians, as the demonetization pangs gets ironed out... 

4. Videocon Industries Ltd (Rs.19.10), is consolidating around Rs.18-19, before next rally begins.. The Videocon promoters are scheduled to pump in Rs.3,000 crore more equity, according to a recent media report. This exercise would be apart from the company taking steps on its own to sell assets worth Rs.10,000 crore to reduce its domestic debt worth Rs.22,000 crore. The company says its overseas debt, which is worth another Rs.22,000 crore, is backed by global oil assets and it does not foresee any problem servicing its overseas loans. The company was declared a non-performing asset by Dena Bank early this year, leading to a sharp fall in its share prices.
The company has put its Kenstar brand on sale and, according to insiders, 20 companies have made a bid for the brand that sells home appliances. The brand would fetch around Rs.2,000 crore for the company. You should therefore, accumulate the scrip slowly on intra-day declines.

5. J P Power Ltd hit the lower circuits today, at Rs.7.65 in the NSE. Earlier, I had mentioned that in this rally, the stock can go upto Rs.8.20. It touched Rs.8.10, some days back. Don't buy this share now -- let it stabilize then only think of putting your money into it...
Market Mantra
1. The 3rd Super Special Call is up more than 5% as of now and could be heading towards upper circuits. The company belongs to a politician in south India...the name of the company will be disclosed after it has risen at least 25% from the recommended price. Those who want to subscribe to this service are requested to send a mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com.

2. Energy Development Company Ltd (Rs.21.55), a company where politicians Amar Singh and Jaya Prada, holds stake is out of the circuits today. However, you can still buy it around the CMP of Rs.21.55 for targets of Rs.47-51.

3. Those who are holding my recommended SBI Ltd (Rs.273.05) from around Rs.160-170, are suggested to book complete profits and invest the money in some other scrip. You can invest the money in Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd at around Rs.396, SL: Rs.391, T: Rs.406 on T+2 basis.

4. #Book Profits in the intr-day call of Hindustan Zinc at around Rs.303.20.
    #Book Profits in Adani Ports Ltd today at around Rs.400.5.
    #SBI Ltd (Intra-day SHORT): Exit around Rs.273.40.  
    #Nifty Short: Exit near the recommended rates. Calls Closed.

Today's Brokerage Calls
1. Intra-day Sell Hindustan Zinc at around Rs.306, SL: Rs.309.75, T: Rs. 299. This is a chart based call.

2. Intra-day Buy ALUMINUM in the range of Rs.133.60-133.50, SL BELOW Rs.132.80, T: Rs.135...SL triggered. Call Closed.

3.  Intra-day sell SBI Ltd at Rs.274.50, SL: Rs.277.5, T: Rs.270.5. This is a chart based call.

4.  Intra-day sell  SELL NIFTY FUT on bounce at around 10115, SL: 10136, T: 10080. This is a chart based call. 
3rd Scrip from the Special Premium Pack is up more than 7% today
Yes, you have heard it right!! The 3rd scrip declared to the members of this service is up more than 7% today. It will give at least 15% income on the seed capital of Rs.1 (one), to recover the amount paid by the investors, to know the name of the scrip.....Guaranteed!!

Special Durga Pooja/Navratri Offer: If you subscribe to my Premium Service now, you will get one such scrip FREE of Charge. 

......all you need for the commencement of this service are:
1. A BMA Wealth Creators Ltd's (www.bmawc.com) DEMAT Account with a portfolio size of Rs.1 (one) lakh.
2. One time subscription charge of Rs.15, 000 for 1 (one) year..
3. Or  Rs.15,000  for the 1st scrip and thereafter Rs.30,000 each time, to know the stock name...
4. Or Subscribe to my Premium Service by paying Rs.15, 000 (You  don't need to have a demat account of BMA Wealth  Creators, in this case) and get one such scrip absolutely FREE. 

If you are interested, then please do send me a mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com / sumanm2007s@gmail.com.
The name of the stock which has already given 25% returns to the Special Premium Members and
Photo: Aequitas Investment Consultancy (P)) Ltd
also the Upper Circuits today also is Energy Development Ltd (Rs.21.55) which belongs to Amar Singh, who in his new "Avatar" is more close to the BJP, than SP. I had mentioned in my earlier posts that the name of the company starts with the word "E". 
Anyway, the former Bollywood actress Jaya Prada, along with Singh and his wife Pankaja Kumari Singh, has a stake in Energy Development Co. Ltd which, in turn, has a web of subsidiaries in the hydro-power sector; according to data with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). Amar Singh and his wife have significant stakes in several other companies, including Sarvottam Caps Pvt. Ltd, Startrack Vinimay Pvt. Ltd, Sterlite Merchants Llp and Maitri Estates Llp. Sarvottam Caps has significant cross-holdings with these companies and also with subsidiaries of Energy Development Company Ltd.
Moreover, the Promoters have increased their stake to 56.90% in June Quarter from 32.76% in March Quarter of 2017. The  company management includes Amar Singh - Non Executive Chairman, Sanjiv Saraf - Executive Director, Gouri Prasad Goenka - Director, Pankaja Kumari Singh - Director, Sanjay Kumar Gupta - Director, Vijoy Kumar - Director, Anil Gupta - Director, Bijay Kumar Garodia - Director. Mr.Goradia is the founder of  Barak Valley Cements Ltd, public listed company at BSE and NSE. He is a business magnate in the North East India, and I was invited to attend a  meeting in a famous hotel in Assam, when it came out with an IPO. This makes the scrip very interesting. But where is it heading in the short term? Any clue?

2. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd is consolidating around Rs.25-26, before starting the next round of upmove. The risk taking investors can buy the scrip on declines.

3. The name of the 3rd scrip which could be a potential multibagger  has been disclosed to the Special Premium Members, today.. I hope the stock will soon start hitting the UCs or start to do well in the bourses. I believe those who have Paid Rs.15, 000 for the scrip will get their money back, by investing in this stock. If you are interested then contact me at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com  / sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

4. Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.8.05) today hit another lower circuits. Where is the future potential of this stock? Join my Premium Service to stay ahead of others. 

5. Why one should buy the shares of Jai Balaji Industries Ltd (Rs.11.40), especially when Ms.Mamata Banerjee is the CM of Bengal ? Do you know the reasons? Join my associate brokerage house to get the Premium Service absolutely Free of Charge. The account opening charges are Zero and yes you have heard it right....there is no account opening charges -- only requirement is that your portfolio should be more than Rs.1 lakhs..  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1. Yesterday, Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd hit the buyer freeze at Rs.25.70 in the NSE. Where is the stock heading in the  coming days? What about the case of an overseas lender filling a petition against the company under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016? To know all these you can join my Premium Service or Special Premium Service.

2. HDIL moved to Rs.66.95 yesterday in the NSE. The stock was recommended as a substitute for Unitech Ltd which is still languishing  at around Rs.7.40-7.75. HDIL if you remember was recommended around Rs.61-62.

3. My recommended Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd (J P Power) was locked in the upper circuits yesterday at Rs.7.80. In the  short term, the stock could move towards Rs.8.20.

4. Vedanta Ltd recommended around Rs.70, made a new high yesterday, at Rs.334.65 in the NSE. This scrip turned out to be a multi-bagger. Congratulations to all those who brought this scrip around a couple of years back on my repeated recommendations. 

5. After the Bull run of Simplex Projects Ltd and the recent recent  stock "E" (which is also hitting Upper Circuits since the last 3 days), I have another scrip which can also give superb returns in the short term. Those who are interested to invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs (No Debt Financing, to minimize the risk) on 50:50 profit sharing basis do or want to get the name of the scrip through one time spot payment of Rs.15,000 (for the 1st time  user of my  service) and/or Rs.30000 (for 2nd and subsequent users), let me know at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com/sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

6. Those who have invested in Arvind Ltd (Rs.413.45) yesterday at around Rs.Rs.415.5,  SL: Rs.408,  T: Rs.425 on T+2 basis are requested to hold the scrip, without any fresh investments. 

7. Those who have bought Torrent Power Ltd (Rs.227.90) yesterday at around Rs.228, SL: Rs.223,  T: Rs.234-238 on T+2 basis are requested to hold the scrip for the required time period. 

8. Those who have V - Guard Industries Ltd (Rs.197.30) around Rs.198, SL: Rs.193, T: Rs.210-215, are suggested to EXIT the stock on intra-day rise in the price.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Market Mantra
1. Yesterday, that Special Premium Stock (2nd one of the series) hit the Upper Freeze and today also
Photo: Techpro Technologies
it it in the Upper Circuits. Congratulations to those who could invest in that scrip. I will declare the name of the scrip, once it rises more than 25%.  The name of the stock starts with "E".
I have started a new service, known as Special Premium Service, where you will get a stock where you can invest in 50:50 profit sharing basis or you can get the name of the stock by paying Rs.15, 000 for the 1st scrip and subsequently Rs.30,000 for each call. Also, the charges of my Premium Services have increased from Rs.12,000 to  Rs.15,000 from 10 September, 2017. However, I have come up with a Durga Pooja/Navratri offer. Those who will join now, will get at least one Special Premium Call FREE, which will give them at least 15% ROI, which means on an investment of 1 (one) lakh, you get Rs.15, 000, which in other words means, you get your money back or you get this service for one year, virtually FREE. This offer is valid for the first 1000 (one thousand) investors or till 31st December, 2017. Also, those who will join my associate brokerage house, will get 1 (one) Special Premium Call Free apart from getting Premium Service also Free. So hurry up before the offer expires....

2. My recommended HDIL touched Rs.66.25 today I am having a medium term target of Rs.91-92, so remain invested. 

3. I have another stock which can also give superb returns going forward. Those who are interested to invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs (No Debt Financing, to minimize the risk) on 50:50 profit sharing basis do, let me know at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com/sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

4. I had asked to exit Unitech Ltd (Rs.7.40), a couple of weeks back and invest in HDIL. Look at the price of HDIL now and that of Unitech Ltd. While HDIL have moved from Rs.61-62 to Rs.66.25, the price of Unitech Ltd has not gone anywhere, during this period. 

5. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Rs.24.80) is fine as long as it is above Rs.23.50. If that is broken then you can again think of exiting the scrip. 

6. Today's Calls:
(a) Buy Arvind Ltd at around Rs.415.5,  SL: Rs.408,  T: Rs.425 on T+2 basis. This is a pure chart based call.
(b) Intraday Buy Voltas Ltd at around Rs.540, SL: Rs.534, T: Rs.549-556 . This is Chart based brokerage call. Book partial profits around Rs.545.35. Intraday  target of Rs.549 achieved. 
(c)  Intraday buy Federal Bank Ltd at around Rs. 114.30, SL: Rs.112.90, T: Rs.116-117. This is a pure chart based brokerage call. Exit Federal Bank around Rs.114.75. Call Closed.
(d) Intraday buy Canara Bank Ltd on declines at around Rs.339, SL: Rs.336, T: Rs.344.
(e) Buy Torrent Power Ltd at around Rs. 228, SL: Rs.223,  T: Rs.234-238 on T+2 basis. This is a pure chart based call.
(f) Intraday buy BHEL at around Rs. 132.25, SL: Rs.130.75, T: Rs.134.75-136. This is a chart based call.
(g)  Buy (T+5) V - Guard Industries Ltd around Rs.198, SL: Rs.193, T: Rs.210-215. This is both a fundamental and chart based call.
(h) Intraday buy Tata Chemicals at around Rs.632, SL: Rs.625, T: Rs.641-645. This is a chart based brokerage call. EXIT around Rs.634. Call Closed!!
(i) BTST/ (T+1): Buy  BEL around Rs.197.40, SL: Rs.195.70, T: Rs.199.50-201. This is a chart based brokerage call.

7. Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.8.45) is correcting after touching Rs.9. What to do with the scrip? Join my Premium Service to stay ahead of others. 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Mandhana Industries Ltd hit another buyer freeze at Rs.9.30, as it has already crossed my short term
Photo: CCG
target of Rs.9. What is the next target? 

Future Enterprises Ltd, which was recommended as a strong buy at around Rs.18-19 some months back, yesterday touched Rs.62.20 and made a new 52-week high. Where is the stock heading? Join my associate brokerage house with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakhs and get my Premium Service absolutely FREE.

Videocon Industries Ltd (Rs.18.90) is consolidating around the current price, for the next round of upove to Rs.26-27. Stay invested!!

Simplex Projects Ltd yesterday touched Rs.49.90, before closing at Rs.45.25. In this circumstances, what to do....? I have already asked the investors (who invested in this scrip at around Rs.37-38) to book. But the moot point is where will the stock go?? Should you take fresh exposure, if yes, then where? Join my Paid Service for FREE by opening an account with my associate brokerage house. Meanwhile, I have another scrip which could also give good returns going forward. If anyone wants to invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs in that stock, as a buy and hold strategy (no trading), do let me know at the earliest: suman2005s@rediffmail.com/sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Rs.24.80) has hit the Buyer Freeze yesterday. You can again start accumulating the scrip in intra-day dips.

Punj Lloyd Ltd recommended around Rs.18-19, yesterday made a high of Rs.25.30, before closing at Rs.23.80. Those who have invested, can continue to hold the scrip for target of Rs.27-29. Keep a SL of Rs,21.60.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Mandhana Industries Ltd hit another buyer freeze at Rs.8.90. The stock nearly reached my first target of Rs.9.

D B Realty Ltd touched Rs.42.40 today as it closed at Rs.41.65. I have a short term target of Rs.51 for the scrip. 

The name of scrip in which some investors put Rs.3-5 lakhs is Simplex Projects Ltd. I had mentioned earlier, that the name starts with the letter "S". The stock has been hitting the circuits since Rs.37-38. Today, it hit another buyer freeze at Rs.47.55. The stock has already given a return of more than 25% from the recommended price.. I have another such scrip, if anyone is interested then please do let me know at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com.

Aban Offshore Ltd today touched my short term target of Rs.185 (Intra-day high of Rs.186.45), before closing at Rs.182.85. The short term traders are suggested to book at least 80% of profits and hold the rest with a SL of Rs.81.60.