Thursday, May 31, 2018

Market Pulse

The stock of Bhusan Steel Ltd recommended around Rs.22.65 to those who trade through my recommended brokerage house today hit another buyer freeze at Rs.42.60. The stock has almost doubled from the recommended priced. 

Today the stock of Reliance Naval & Engineering Ltd (Rs.16.30) was recommended to the Premium Members. The scrip today made a high of Rs.17.95 in the NSE. The stock will slowly head towards Rs.19-21 levels. 

The stock of Gitanjali Gems Ltd was recommended to the Premium members at around Rs.4.65. The scrip today hit another buyer freeze at Rs.7.50 in the BSE. This scrip has almost doubled from the recommended price. 

The scrip of HDIL today made a high of Rs.28.45. The stock is likely to head towards Rs.37-39, in the coming days, due to a slight improvement in the real estate market in Mumbai Metropolis. 

The share of Monnet Ispat and Energy Ltd was recommended on 24th May, '18 at Rs.17.5. The stock of this company today hit a buyer freeze at Rs.18.05. We can look forward for targets of Rs.22-24 in the coming days. 

The scrip of Reliance Communications Ltd was recommended at around Rs.14 on 24 May, '18, to the Premium Member. The share made a high of Rs.21 in the NSE and is now trading at Rs.18.60. Where is the scrip heading. 

The stock of TV Vision Ltd today hit another buyer freeze at Rs.11.10 in the BSE. The scrip was recommended at around Rs.8.39 near its 52-week low price. I am expecting the share to touch Rs.17-19 in the coming days. Remain Invested in this Sri Adhikari Brothers Ltd's group company. 

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