Saturday, September 09, 2017

Mandhana Industries Ltd hit another buyer freeze at Rs.9.30, as it has already crossed my short term
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target of Rs.9. What is the next target? 

Future Enterprises Ltd, which was recommended as a strong buy at around Rs.18-19 some months back, yesterday touched Rs.62.20 and made a new 52-week high. Where is the stock heading? Join my associate brokerage house with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakhs and get my Premium Service absolutely FREE.

Videocon Industries Ltd (Rs.18.90) is consolidating around the current price, for the next round of upove to Rs.26-27. Stay invested!!

Simplex Projects Ltd yesterday touched Rs.49.90, before closing at Rs.45.25. In this circumstances, what to do....? I have already asked the investors (who invested in this scrip at around Rs.37-38) to book. But the moot point is where will the stock go?? Should you take fresh exposure, if yes, then where? Join my Paid Service for FREE by opening an account with my associate brokerage house. Meanwhile, I have another scrip which could also give good returns going forward. If anyone wants to invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs in that stock, as a buy and hold strategy (no trading), do let me know at the earliest:

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Rs.24.80) has hit the Buyer Freeze yesterday. You can again start accumulating the scrip in intra-day dips.

Punj Lloyd Ltd recommended around Rs.18-19, yesterday made a high of Rs.25.30, before closing at Rs.23.80. Those who have invested, can continue to hold the scrip for target of Rs.27-29. Keep a SL of Rs,21.60.

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