Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Photo: Live Mint
1. Those who have entered Prajay Engineers Ltd can either exitbat Rs.10.70 with minimum loss or keep holding with a SL of Rs.10.40.

2. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is likely to take a review of the stalled infrastructure projects. So many infrastructure stocks like MBL Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.35.05), HCC Ltd (Rs.42.45) are doing well. You can buy Gammon India Ltd at Rs.9.50, T: Rs.15. The stock looks good above Rs.9.45. The 1st resistance comes at Rs.10.60, followed by Rs.11.70 and Rs.12.90. In 2013 creditors approved a Rs.13,500 crore CDR package for Gammon. Gammon India in March said it has got members' nod to invest or buy up to 20% stake in Gammon Infrastructure Projects from wholly-owned arm Gammon Power Ltd. The company said it also got member's nod to authorise Gammon Power Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary to divest/sell/dispose off further equity shares of Gammon Infrastructure Projects Limited. Gammon India also announced that the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai Bench ('NCLT') has at the hearing held on 30 March 2017, approved the Scheme of Arrangement between Gammon India ('GIL' or 'the Transferor Company') and Transrail Lighting ('TLL' or 'the Transferee Company') and their respective shareholders and creditors ('the Scheme') for transfer of the Company's T&D Undertaking.

3. There are too many uncertainties involved in the share of RCom Ltd (Rs.19.45). I would therefore suggest you to book loss and again enter either above Rs.22.50 or Rs.30.
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