Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time to BUY the stocks, from INFRASTRUCTURE sector..?
Photo: Daily Mail, UK
The NDA government on Tuesday (10 March, 2015) managed to push through the contentious land acquisition bill in the Lok Sabha. 

Now though it is clear that the path ahead for this bill in the Rajya Sabha would hardly be smooth, and it would have to stand the test of Parliamentary scrutiny; it is good note that one milestone has been achieved; as far as the infrastructure sector is concerned. 

Moreover, through the passage of this bill the NDA government in its right earnest has kick-started the much needed "Game Changer Reforms", which is likely to bring in right kind of environment for investment and remove impediments that delay projects. 

The point which is to be noted here is that: Restrictions on buying land are holding up projects worth nearly Rs.20 lakh crore and the industry is impatient for clearances. So, there is huge merit in the law as it fits well with the NDA Government's long-term plan for growth.

Though a section of the Indian media is trying to show that by passing the bill, the NDA government represents the rich and is against the poor, I feel some hard decisions is the need of the hour, for benefit of the country men. I feel this will change the perception of the Urban middle class towards the NDA and infact help them in future polls. 

Therefore, it is time to buy the stocks of INFRASTRUCTURE COMPANIES in BULK and keep holding. I have already recommended a few like Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (Rs.26.90), Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd (Rs.11.39), IVRCL Ltd (Rs.17.25), GMR Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.16.65), IRB Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.240.10), Jindal Saw Ltd (Rs.72.30) and the like, in the past. However, you can have your own researched scrip in this space--buy and keep holding. 
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