Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The BSE listed Genera Agri Crop Ltd (BSE Code: 590133, T-group), which has a book value of Rs.76.45 and asset base of Rs.75.35 Cr, has a market cap of only Rs.3.79 Cr at the CMP of Rs.4.21. The reserves and Surplus of the company as of 31st March, 2014 was Rs. 593,896,095  (Rs.578,217,169 in FY13). 

 1 Genera Agri Global Limited.
 2.Genera Agri Tanzania Limited, Tanzania.

The Company is planning Agri & allied exports, agri related software Developments and Commodity trading to improve its revenues. Genera Agri Crop Ltd also concentrates on post –harvesting development. The market for agricultural products is growing and the Company is poised to take full advantage from this development. 
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