Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winning Strokes: Think Different
The Nifty today closed just a tad above its support of 8270 at 8,277.55 with a minor loss of 21.85 points, though intra-day it dipped to 8236.65. In absence of any major happening, Nifty may trade within the range of 8250-8360, while the stock specific action will rule the roost. Most of the action would be concentrated in the mid and small cap counters. Today (14-Jan-2015), FII/FPI  net sold shares worth Rs.69.74 Cr while the DII sold shares worth Rs.223.98 Cr. Narendra Modi who stormed Delhi, elbowing past many senior leaders like Dr.M M Joshi, L K Advani, etc, after initial hype is turning out to be a FLOP MASTER, because he has no idea, which sector/s has/have to be treated more or given priority, at the present moment. There is a very popular saying in Bengali (Bangla): "Kholer Kaaj Bole Hoy Na", which means those things which require intelligence and knowledge cannot be solved using physical force. However, our Prime Minister is very good at giving lectures. 
Today Allied Digital Services Ltd touched Rs.30.40, just below my target of Rs.31 and closed at Rs.29. The scrip was repeatedly recommended in this blog and some of the blog reader even questioned the rationale!! This move has probably silenced those red faces. However, today mostly there was intra-day trading in the counter as the percentage of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity was only 33.62%. Therefore, the traders should do well to book some profits in the counter, because it is near 52-week high price and anytime it could come down to its stable level of Rs.20-21. However the long term investors can hold the scrip with a SL of Rs.27.50 (exit), with a Caveat that there are management issues in the company (especially with the CMD, Mr.Nitin Shah) and it is not investor friendly. This is a high-risk-high-gain counter. 

Note: These days, I am too busy with some assignments apart from being not physically well. Hence, the blogs are not getting updated. Also, in the new location (where I am based now), there is regular internet problem. But I will soon recommend a company from the steel sector which has a story to tell. Therefore, keep the cash ready if you want to ride the train.
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