Monday, January 26, 2015

Yes, it is true. I recently discovered to my dismay that a blog having the URL:, is copying word by word, some of my blog posts, without even having minimum courtesy of informing me......Is this an act of "Cyber Plagiarism"? 

Anyway, have a look at the blog-post on Rohit Ferro Alloys Ltd, which is clubbed together with my take on the market shenanigans and then ......Oh yes!!.....The Photo of a "Beautiful Damsel". Really Outlandish!! What has this lady to do with Rohit Ferro Tech Ltd is beyond my comprehension....Huh!! On the left hand side is the screen shot of a part of that blog-page. To get a full view of that Blog, please CLICK HERE.

If you remember, in 2005-2012 period too few blogs used to do the same. The point is that I have no problem, if they copy my contents and put themon their blogs and websites, but at least they should inform me, about the development. Isn't it? This is really horrible and unfortunate!!  
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