Saturday, January 17, 2015

FIIs were Net Buyers Today also
Now, since the FIIs have understood the future modus-operandi of the RBI, there would now be continuous flow of FII money, with the caveat that to get right harvest the crop has to be given due car and protection. 

Hence, what the government of India should do at the present moment, is to bring in positive schemes, for the equity market participants. We need to balance, the FII outflows from the Bond Market (in case there is some exodus) with that into Equity markets and through FDIs.  This is in view of the RBI choosing a reverse trajectory for the Repo rate or in other words, the rates the set to come down in the coming  months. 

Therefore, without fail, the NDA government should immediately take up steps to boost the Indian capital markets or else there could be another tug-of-war between INR and USD, as the FPIs pull out money, and look for better returns in the bond market, elsewhere. The time is running out for the NDA government to take decision. I feel it would not be an exaggeration to mention here that the UPA and its Finance Minister, Mr.P Chidambaram, had earlier milked the Indian Equity markets (during their tenure) to the hilt without giving much incentives to the market-players. 
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