Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Question to the Fundamental Analysts.....
Anant Raj Ltd is one of the leading name in the real estate and hospitality space. The company came out with excellent set of September, 2014 quarter numbers, but surprisingly the scrip is hovering near its 52-week low price of Rs.42.55 since a long time. Moreover, it has given out a road map to reduce its debt, by selling some of its assets. 

In this context I would like to say that, I have observed a general silence among both the Television and Print Media analysts over the scrip. This raises lot of questions. Isn't it? Is our analyst fraternity waiting for a "Suitcase" to come before giving a buy recommendation in front of Television cameras? 

Or the market apprehensive that excellent September, 2014 quarter numbers is the result of window dressing of the balance sheet? What explains, the basis of such a sharp fall, of this A-group share? What is more surprising is that even the "super talkative" Television anchors, are mum on the scrip. Is there a game going on.....? Because I feel the whole market is manipulated!! 

The question therefore is: If the stocks of A-group (reputed) companies can be manhandled by the Operators, then what is the use of so-called High-tech SURVEILLANCE system of the stock exchanges? If this system is not able to identify the culprits, then such programmes should be discarded and replaced with fresh set of algorithms. India really has a HORRIBLE system of regulation of the bourses. The regulators themselves do not know how to fight the manipulators---unfortunate!!
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