Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Winning Strokes: Think Different
Pix Transmission Ltd was recommended in this blog around Rs.46-47, few weeks back, the scrip raced to Rs.70.40, on 19th September, 2014. If the scrip breaks Rs.63, on the downside, then it is time to book profits and exit the counter. 
As expected realty stocks declined and closed with losses--Housing Development & Infrastructure (Rs.89.85) (down 3.18%), D B Realty (CMP: Rs.73.20 down 5%), Anant Raj (CMP: Rs.57.15, down 6.77%), Sobha (CMP: Rs.426.25, down 1.42%) and Unitech (CMP: Rs.21.95, down 10.77%) declined. Yesterday, I sent a report from the Economic Times, to my Facebook account, which had the following news: "The rapid rise in the stock market since the new government was formed has taken the sheen off real estate, where investments have not only dropped but investors are trying to monetise their existing assets, creating a scare of price correction. While the stock market has risen by over 12% since May 26 when the government was sworn in, property values have either remained stagnant or dropped in several micro-markets across the country". We could see more corrections in these counters (except those are Telengana / Andhra Pradesh based like Prajay Enginners Syndicate Ltd, CMP: Rs.12.63) hence play with strict stop losses. 
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd today touched Rs.13.40, before closing at Rs.12.63. The company has huge land bank in south India, whose prices are rising rapidly, after Vijayawada was declared the capital of Andhra Pradesh. 
Resurgere Mines and Minerals Ltd is getting sold down unnecessarily. The company is waiting for approval for some of its mining proposals, from the government of India. Today, it closed at Rs.1.70, down 3.41%.
I  reiterate again, in this kind of market, it would be too risky to trade, if you are NOT an  expert or a professional trader--it because the market is too volatile now. Also, no one comes to the stock market to get a capital gain of 20% per annum. If the fixed deposits are giving a return of 10-12% per year, then what is the need to come to the market for only additional 10% gain, after taking so much risk--only morons, will think in that way. Hence, either join the Paid Service or allow my team to trade on your behalf to generate money from the markets. You should have a minimum portfolio size of Rs.2 lakhs, if you want me to trade on  your behalf. Also, from now onwards, your demat accounts will be opened in my recommended brokerage houses only after you come-up with margin cheque of at least Rs.2 lakhs (Or give an affidavit from any court of India, that they would transfer shares worth 2 lakhs) and send in the required documents in advance. It is due to my experience, in dealing with some irresponsible investors / traders who put in me false positions, in front of Brokerage House Managements; either after sending them forms on their requests (which they never fill and send back) or after opening the demat accounts. From now on, I need to be a bit strict in such matters as a section of investing / trading fraternity, tends to take advantage of my simplicity--these people lack ethics (money is  made even by prostitutes and frauds). Moreover, if everyone thinks that he/she has become stock analyst after getting success in one or two scrips, then it would be a horrible proposition. It is NOT SO EASY to make money on a CONSISTENT BASIS from stock market--hence come out of that dream and be realistic. I have an experience of more than two decades (with sources across the sectors) but still make mistakes (sometimes)---therefore, if anyone thinks that they can do the same by taking some courses for 1-2 years or after reading messages in Money Control Message board or taking some tips from somewhere, then they are probably living in fools paradise. My Paid Service is not a TIPS providing exercise, but a complete guidance to make money from the markets. If you make losses also, then it can be covered up in these kinds of markets. But one has to  have trust......
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