Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Business Offer: Digital Business Solutions
Friends, it has been long that I have been associated with you, basically with regards to investments in Indian Stock Market, and other other miscellaneous issues. Since, 2006, this blog  has been active, in giving information in this direction only, apart from touching other hot current affair topics, too, from time to time. In between, I made lot of friends, both in India and in overseas--regardless of caste, creed and colour. 

The advent of technology has made this possible, forgetting the barriers of time and distance. As a result, I was fortunate enough to have well-wishers and clients all over the globe, cutting across continents. When some of  you call me-up on my cell and say, that "I have been following your Blog and Yahoo Group Posts, since the last 5-6 years"; it gives me immense satisfaction. 

However, I have now diversified into other fields too, apart from Stock Market and Real Estate. Hence, I would like all of you who are in Indian subcontinent or Europe or Africa (a growing sphere in the IT enabled service space) or Gulf or in North American countries or anywhere in the world, to join me in this new Information Technology Venture. 

Our company Webworkz Interactive (P) Ltd have got necessary infrastructure and wherewithals to cater to  your Digital Business Solutions, including Software Development. 

Webworkz Interactive is a digital business solutions firm, located in Mumbai (Bombay), helping enterprises achieve their revenue, market-share and customer loyalty objectives through the use of digital media. 

At Webworkz, we design, develop and deliver customized digital media solutions that focus on customer acquisition, audience engagement, community development & brand visibility. 

From display media and search to social media and e-commerce, Webworkz has the entire range of digital media expertise and it effectively combines these areas of expertise to deliver exceptional solutions for its clients. 

At Webworkz, we partner with a diverse and prominent portfolio of clients in Financial Services, BPO, Real Estate, B2B, Consumer Goods and Services sector including mid-sized organizations to top corporations and have a high client retention ratio. This speaks volumes about our solutions expertise and our servicing standards.

If you are a CEO or a Top Official of a company and need to outsource your products / services or want Digital Business Solutions for your organization, then you could look for our company Webworkz Interactive (P) Ltd (www.webworkzinteractive.com), Mumbai (Bombay), for  a Joint Venture. Even if you are an ordinary guy and can bring a minimum business for our company, you can join the team and work with us; from any part of the world. 

Moreover, since, I will be there, in this  collaboration, hence, you will not have to bother much as far as the quality of the work is concerned. Even then you would have direct access to me for solving any of your problems.   

In any business trust is an important factor. If you think you have confidence in me and my organization, kindly drop in a mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com. I will make arrangements, so that the concerned person of our organization speaks with you and finalize the deal. 

Therefore, let us not waste further time and see, if we can make this effort a grand success. Let us join hands together for a great future, ahead. Thanks a lot for your continuous love and affection. 
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