Thursday, June 12, 2014

Market Mantra
Capri Global Capital Limited which was recommended around Rs.154-157, today touched Rs.200 and is now trading at Rs.199. Therefore buy the shares of the company when no one is looking them and keep holding.
Tuip Telecom Ltd today hit the buyer freeze at Rs.5.02, with a volume of over 1.5 million shares in BSE. I and my family members could be holding stake in the company.
Today's call: Buy the shares of RESURGERE MINES & MINERALS INDIA LTD [Formerly Exfin Shipping (India) Ltd and BSE Code: 533017] which is now trading at Rs.1.79. It is a complete mining story. Those who had earlier invested in my recommended Entegra Ltd (Rs.8.13) at around Rs.3-3.15 or Southern Ispat Ltd (Rs.3.4) at around Rs.2.25-2.5, can book some profits and invest in this company. I and my family members could be holding stake in the company. 
Glodyne Tech Ltd is also doing well today, up 4.18%. The scrip today hit the Upper  Circuits, but later came out of it and is  now trading at Rs.8.97. 
My recommended Shiv Vani Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd touched Rs.23.95 and is now trading at Rs.23.45. This is a massive company and the share will slowly move towards Rs.31-32 in the coming days. 
Marg Ltd (Rs.22.40) today hit Rs.24 before cooling down a bit. But this is an open offer story and investors should buy the scrip on all declines. 
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