Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Andhra Pradesh registers 67 lakh new voters, highest in south
[Editor: Friends the voting date in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana has ultimately come. Now everything is  in your  hands. I appeal to all of you to Vote for the party, I requested you earlier. Also, kindly don't go to the polling booth to cast your votes alone, take your friends along with you so that they do NOT miss this event---every vote counts and this election is very important for all of us. Your co-operation and efforts will consolidate the position of the winning candidates. Therefore, kindly give your 100% efforts and make them winners. Moreover, kindly don't concentrate on the caste and religion of the candidates, while casting your valuable mandates; just vote on the PARTY SYMBOL--it is as simple as that......please....]
Hyderabad: Telangana and Seemandhra put together have the highest number of first time voters in South India, data released by Election Commission reveal. A total of 67 lakh first timers below 29 years have registered since January 2013 till date and are expected to vote.

The gender ratio is 1000:929. From April 18, the EC authorities would deliver 6.45 crore Photo Voters slip (which they call invitation to vote) at every doorstep.

According to data, a total of 32,58,475 first timers have been registered in Telangana of whom 16, 85,130 are male voters and 15, 73, 345 are female voters. Male voters who enrolled, surpass their female counterparts by a lakh in Telangana.

In the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, the overall number of first timers is 34,48,432 of whom 17,02,942 are male and 17,45,490 are female. In Seemandhra, female enrollers exceed their male counterparts by 42,548.

Most of the first-time voters are in the age group of 18- 29 years.

Owing to online registration system introduced this year for enrolment, the numbers are impressively high, with youth across the state voluntarily registering to exercise their franchise. The 2014 elections is said witness the highest ever turnout of youth. The EC has engaged 70,000 employees to distribute photo voter slips. EC CEO Bhanwar Lal said voters in Telangana will get these slips before April 30 and those in Seemandhra before May 7.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle
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