Monday, February 10, 2014

[Editor: I have put some updates on Allied Digital Services Ltd (Rs.13.60) on the Paid Blog. Those who are trading through my recommended brokerage house/s, can also view the same. If anyone from this is facing any problem, in visiting the blog, please do inform me through a mail]
Entegra Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade today.  The stock closed at Rs.3.90, with good volume. I told you several times, that those who have made 100% loss should buy this scrip and keep holding. I am again giving you 100% guarantee that you would be able to recover your loss upto 100% with this single scrip. However, if you still do not believe me, then I cannot help; you take decision which you think is the best. 
Steel Authority of India Ltd was suggested a buy above Rs.63, with a short term target of Rs.69. The scrip intra-day, today, touched Rs.63.15 and Rs.63.65. I think most of you have entered the counter in dips. 
Shree Ganesh Jewlery House (I) Ltd today closed with a gain of 1.39%, at Rs.25.50. This is again another scrip which could give you at least 50% return in the next 2-3 months time frame. As you know the government of India, could reduce import duty on gold next month. Once that is done most of the stocks will just shoot up. Before that also, this company is expected to get the nod of the banks for its CDR scheme. Also, since it is an export oriented house, hence it stands to gain from any export incentive the government is going to give in the forth-coming budget (FY15). So, buy the scrip like your fixed deposit and keep holding--don't trade. Nothing will happen to your finances if you keep holding a scrip for 2-3 months--have patience and make money. 

Glodye Technoserve Ltd is coming up with results on 12th February, 2014. The results are likely to be along the expected lines--I am just waiting to see what is the quantum loss the company is going to show in its (DOCTORED..?) BOOKS of ACCOUNT. The point is that when the Indian regulators overlook serious corporate mismanagement and shareholders' interests,  many of the "Corporate-thugs", can get away with anything (SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd, Bartronics India Ltd, etc etc). The share price of Glodyne Technoserve Ltd, plummeted from above Rs.400 (in May-July, 2012) to the current price of Rs.7.70 and the regulators did not know what was going on, inside the company all those days; is it a believable proposition? Therefore, is there anyone to catch the corporate thieves? Also, another question which crops up in my mind is that: inspite of debts around Rs.900 crore, why is the company not approaching the CDR cell? What is the problem? What about their acquisition of DecisionOne? Why there is no updates on the same? Moreover, there should be provisions to remove all those promoters who consider, Public Limited Companies as their personal fiefdom. Another thing which I would like to point out is that; unfortunately a large band of Indian companies have started to ape the style (of functioning) of Yash Birla Group.