Wednesday, February 05, 2014

[Editor: What is interesting to note is the greatest circus going probably unnoticed--when FIIs sell, DIIs buy and vice versa. It seems there is some synchronized movement going on between these Financial Institutions. Today,  i.e on 5-Feb-2014 FIIs net sold equities worth Rs.576.2 Cr while DIIs bought  Rs.815.23, which means there is a net inflow in the markets to the tune of Rs.239.03 Cr. Moreover, the government of India will soon relax the import norms for gold, because, apart from creating the life of the those associated with this industry worse day by day, it has now given rise to some new nuisances like increased smuggling of gold and rise in import of gold jewelry]
As expected the market recovered at the end of the day. Before that Premium Members were sent the following note (excerpts): 'The Nifty seems to have found a final support around 5950 -5970 ranges. Chances of the continuance of this rally cannot be ruled out. Concentrate on IT stocks, as the outlook turned bullish for Indians'. Also today, Allied Digital Services Ltd (Rs.13.05) was recommended a buy along with Uflex Ltd  at Rs.71-72. Allied Digital Ltd will continue hitting some more buyer freezes in the coming days, as the company is presently doing some  large projects. Its overseas subsidiary, has at last started to perform. Allied Digital Services Ltd is a well known company in the IT Infrastructure Management and Technical Support Services Outsourcing Company, with an impeccable track record for designing, developing, deploying and delivering end-to-end IT Infrastructure services with an objective to provide end to end IT Solutions, outcomes of which have always resulted into a positive change in the organization. It has over more than two decades of experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure, Management and Implementation and consulting on complex IT Solutions for different Business Verticals. The Company provides credible, high class and customer oriented services and solutions to its clients, actively participate to fulfill the needs and preferences of the customers, their requirements in a dedicated manner.
HCC recommended yesterday at around Rs.12.70-12.80, today touched Rs.13.15 intra-day before closing flat at Rs.12.85. The investors should accumulate the scrip on all declines and  hold the scrip till the Q4FY14, results are declared tentatively in April, 2014. 
Entegra Ltd hit the buyer freeze today, before closing at Rs.3.54, up 1.43%. This is a sure shot scrip to make up for your 100% losses in the markets. Just invest in the scrip and keep holding---I am sure your 100% losses will be made up by this single scrip. Buy it in every decline; don't look at the index on the past results, to take your decision.
All the Gold jewelry stocks, viz, Shree Ganesh Jewellery House (I) Ltd (Rs.25.40), P C Jeweller Ltd (Rs.75.80) and Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.62.55), closed in the green today, indicating that the operators are waiting for the final signal from the government of India to go for the ultimate kill. Meanwhile, the news agency reported today, that, "As gold supplies are squeezed, India's jewellery imports soared". This will put further pressure on the FMO and the Commerce Ministry to relax the gold import restrictions. 
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