Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Entegra Ltd (Rs.4), continued its upward march today, with the scrip touching Rs.4.08 intra-day. Entegra Ltd is a pioneer in the global arena with an integrated approach to Renewable Energy Development, Solutions, Products and Services harnessing resources such as Water, Wind, Sun and Earth. With a portfolio that spans the entire gamut of renewable energy solutions, Entegra's endeavour is to energise the future with clean, green, sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions. The investors should invest few lakhs (one hundred thousand) and keep holding. I am giving guarantee that your money will get doubled within the next few months time frame. 
P C Jeweler Ltd, which was recommended in this blog as at Rs.72-73 today touched Rs.82, the first target, before closing at Rs.81. Similarly, other two of my recommended counters like Shree Ganesh Jewelery House India Ltd (Rs.25.70), and Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.63.70) are also expected to give decent returns to the shareholders, in the short to medium term.
Steel Authority of India Ltd (Rs.64.05) which was recommended yesterday, at around Rs.63 (it was asked to be bought above Rs.63 on all dips and the share dipped to Rs.63.05 intra-day yesterday), today touched Rs.64.35. The scrip could touch Rs.68-69, in the short term. 
Glodyne Technoserve Ltd (Rs.7.74) is coming with results tomorrow. However, I would be more interested to know how much of the debt it has reduced from the books. The company's decision to buy DecisionOne, with borrowed funds was probably wrong. But it was done by the promoters--so how are shareholders directly linked with  it..? Also, when the company's shares are getting sold (invoked) by the lenders, the management has suddenly started to show losses on the books--this is really strange!! The money was taken by the promoter, to fund the acquisition--how is it directly linked with the accounts of the company? It is infact the duty of the promoter to pay those FIs, from whom the loans were taken, why should the shareholders suffer because  his holdings are getting sold? What is the connection between promoters' holding being sold and the company showing losses on the books? I think the company would probably come up with a depleted Q3FY14 results tomorrow. If it does not then it would surprise the market---but the chances are very less; because the promoters are not reliable and do not have any ethics. 
The point is that Glodyne Technoserve Ltd, should be doing its business as usual and get paid for that...If this CMD is inefficient, we can replace him with another more competent one, but how is the selling of shares from the promoters' holding related with the liquidity problem in the company? Anyway, when we have a regulator in the form of SEBI, who runs after Shahara India Ltd, for the reasons best known to all of us, then these kinds of aberrations by the corporates are bound to happen. After-all the promoters form corporations to loot the shareholders and that is why the tribe of retail investors is on the verge of extinction. Earlier, it used to be the general trait of Ahmedabadi companies, then it shifted to Hyderabadi (Satyam Computers Ltd) Companies and now it has shifted to Bombay and Chennai (Madras) based companies. The companies do these things because they know, they can get away from the glare of the regulators.