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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Who are these FIIs and DIIs ...??!!
Till some days  back we used to see continuous selling by the DIIs while the opposite action used to come from the FIIs. But now we have started to see the reverse trend, strangely. On Last Friday, FII started selling, and on 07-Jan-2014 too they were net sellers of Rs.567.02 Cr. But, surprisingly, DIIs were net buyers to the tune of Rs.59.44 Cr. Also, when the FIIs are selling so much neither are indices falling nor are the actions in the broader market stopped. How?

Now the question which arises to everyone's' mind is: 
  • Who are these FIIs and DIIs? 
  • When both are Bullish on the Indian Markets, how is it that while FIIs sell DIIs buy and vice verse? Why can't both buy / sell at the same time? 
  • Or it is just money changing (hand) game? Now if this is a GAME, then who are the real protagonists in this game? 
  • Why should FIIs suddenly start to sell and DIIs start to buy?

Anyway, when P Chidambaram and his son are there, anything can happen. 

It will be prudent to mention here that the SEBI has already destroyed the Indian Capital Markets by making PAN Card mandatory for share trading, besides putting 100s of other clauses to harass the general investors / trading. 

Moreover, P Chidambaram killed it more by pushing the jobbers out of the game and then not doing much for the stock market participants. Does he think that even after this, the stock market participants will vote for him and his party; unless he is a ardent member of his party?