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Friday, May 10, 2013

Aanjaneya Lifecare wins three recognitions
Mumbai-based Aanjaneya Lifecare, a leading manufacturer of bulk drugs, has bagged three awards at the beginning of new fiscal. The company has been awarded by ‘IMC Ramakarishna Bajaj Award 2012’ and Third Annual India Leadership Conclave & Business Awards 2012 for ‘Best Corporate Governance’ and ‘Business Leader of The Year’.

Aanjaneya Lifecare was felicitated with Certificate of Merit in Small Business Category of IMC Ramakarishna Bajaj Award 2012, one of the most prestigious Quality awards in India. The company got recognized as one of the leading and fastest growing integrated pharma companies in India.

Commenting on the awards Satya Brahma member of Jury said, “The importance of high-grade corporate governance in India is a hugely important aspect in filling possible investors with the confidence to invest in specific companies in the region. Markets, as we know, are based around confidence; and jury believes that Aanjaneya Lifecare is a company at the vanguard of corporate governance in India, and that it represents one of the most exciting companies not only to invest in but to trust in and build a future with over the long term. Aanjaneya Lifecare is an example that other companies in India need to follow.”

The Third Annual India Business Ship Conclave & India Business Awards 2012 assessed its award nominees using a number of criteria, including governance structure, board composition, and transparency. In the assessment, Aanjaneya Lifecare scored particularly highly in the areas of commitment to social responsibility, and future growth predictions, strong corporate governance, disclosure and transparency, shareholders right and equitable treatment, responsibilities of management and the board of directors and investor relations.

Kashi Vishwanathan chairman of Aanjaneya Lifecare, said, “We are extremely delighted to have won this award, especially since the area of corporate governance is increasingly gaining significance in today’s world. We strongly believe in ethical business conduct, integrity and commitment to values, which in turn enhance and retain stakeholders’ trust. This we believe are the hallmarks of corporate governance. This is a proud moment for us as this award validates Aanjaneya’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and being admired for its corporate governance practices. We would like to thank our Board for their strong support in driving high standards of corporate governance.”

Dr Kannan Vishwanath, vice chairman and managing director of Aanjaneya Lifecare won the coveted Business Leader of The Year Awards that honoured his unmatched business acumen. He was recognized for spearheading strategic shift of Aanjaneya Lifecare from standalone API company to an integrated pharma company with global aspirations. He also got recognized for his leadership skills which made Aanjaneya Lifecare as world's third largest manufacturer of Quinine Salts with a global footprint across 40 countries.

Commenting on the awards bagged by the company, Dr Kannan Vishwanath said, “This is indeed a proud moment for us to win three global prestigious awards at the beginning of the financial year. The awards reiterate our commitment in the industry and reflect the transparency that we bring in for our shareholders.”

Courtesy: Pharmabiz.com