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Monday, April 22, 2013

Market Mantra
Reliance Mediaworks Ltd(Rs.51.90) hits the buyer freeze in the mid afternoon trade. The scrip was recommended repeatedly in this group. Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd (Rs.28) could also hit the buyer freeze today, as most of the ADA Group (Anil Ambani Group) stocks are moving up in high speed. 
The construction companies are moving up today, in anticipation of the RBI going for another round of rate cuts in the next policy meet. Some of my favourite counters like IVRCL Ltd (Rs.20.70), B F Utilities Ltd (Rs.260), Punj Lloyd Ltd (Rs.53.50), etc are doing well today.
Tulip Telecom Ltd hits another consecutive buyer freeze in the opening trade. It is now locked at the Upper Circuits at Rs.16.13 in the BSE. This scrip was also very strongly recommended in this blog, repeatedly. 
Today Kingfisher Airlines Ltd moved to Rs.7.20, before cooling down a bit. It is only time that the airlines would start operation once again. A section media is sending all sorts of make believe news in public domain. The media reports are manufactured and punctuated with "If", "May be", kinds of words, for the reasons best known to all. When the debts have actually come down from Rs.7000 Cr plus and the funding from the U B Group is about to happen, these kinds of negative news only points that some vested groups want to enter the scrip at a lower price before the company announces the good news. Paid Media, is being used by vested groups for their own interest...!! "I seriously wonder what motivates the bank chairmen to constantly speak to the media on loan recovery from Kingfisher Airlines. What about others?" ~~Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Dr.Vijay Mallya, shot this message sometime back on the Twitter.