Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stock Market Casualties: The RBI Governor and Collapse of the Indian Economy
~~Suman Mukherjee
i) Pradip Overseas has come down from Rs.100 plus to Rs.8.90 in just 5 months  (From Nov, 2012)
(ii) Glodyne Tech has come down from Rs.400 plus in May--June, 2012, to Rs.14.30 now
(iii) Renuka Sugar Ltd, the only stock in the F & O Segment from the Sugar Sector, has come down from Rs.100 plus in 2011 to current Rs.23-24. It is was once considered as a poster boy in Sugar Sector.
(iv) Navratnas like Steel Authority of India  Ltd (SAIL) has come down from Rs.220 plus in 2011 to current around Rs.65--66. It is a large cap and heavy weight from the steel sector.
(iv) India's largest private sector steel company and pride, Tata Steel has come down from Rs.600 plus in 2011 to current Rs.336.
(vi) Another heavy weight J P Associates Ltd, the flag bearer of Indian growth story has come down from Rs.140 plus in 2010--20121 to current around Rs.70-71.
(vii) Suzlon Energy Ltd, the world's 5th largest wind power maker and India's largest, came down from Rs.60 in 2011 to current around Rs.15. It has more than Rs.40, 000 Cr of order book but no money to service its debt. It has to be bailed out by the banks, but still reeling under high pressure from all corners. Can you believe?
(viii) IVRCL Ltd, the company which has Rs.22, 000 Crore (yes believe me) of order book but has to sell property and other assets to bring working capital. The shares which were ruling around Rs.180 plus in 2011 is now less than Rs.22.
(ix) Tulip Telecom Ltd, one of the fastest growing companies in the telecom infrastructure, came down from Rs.100 plus in 2012 to Rs.9-10 in 2013. The firm has a debt only about Rs 2700 crore as of September but will be bailed out by banks in the next couple of weeks. In 2010, the founder Chairman  said he was confident of sales touching $1 billion by 2014. In December 2010, the company posted revenues of Rs 602.6 crore on a net profit of Rs 81.6 crore, but look at the condition now, they do not have even Rs.700 crore ($140-million) to service the FCCBs on their own.....
(x) Geodesic Ltd, a respected name in the IT Infrastructure space came down from Rs.100 plus in January, 2011 to the current around Rs.11-12. 
Most of these HIGH PROFILE COMPANIES have common HORROR STORY----cannot service the high DEBT (many due to acquisitions).........but still the the RBI governor is unfazed, wants to control inflation. Interest rate are coming down like water oozing from a capillary tube. These are not isolated cases but the general picture of the whole share market.

Great Governor and the economist fraternity you have at last satisfied a section of people of India, if not the FMO and Stock Market participants. Hope they will not look for your blood if the economy goes the Greek or Cyprus way. We do not need any growth, for the time being. Isn't it? 
Anyway, THIS IS WHAT WE ACHIEVED IN THE LAST 3-4 YEARS........of the UPA rule........

Isn't it interesting.........Say Cheers Once More.....!!