Thursday, January 03, 2013

Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd, hits another buyer freeze in the opening trade. The stock  is on a dream run, after was recommended in this blog.
My recommended IRB Infrastructure Ltd reached Rs.133.70, today. It is fiding difficulty  to cross Rs.134 and I feel it would consolidate around the current price before moving  up.
Gulf Oil Ltd recommended to the Paid Groups at  Rs.84, last week touched Rs.89.10 today. The stock was recommended after a significant development.
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd, hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade. The stock was repeatedly recommended during the last few days as a buy. It is another of those mining and   power stories (apart from the general one), which has given  so much wing to Southern Ispat and Power Ltd.
United Breweries (Holding) Ltd closed flat today at Rs.116.05.
The company has number of stakes in  group companies viz: Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (24.51%. The value of the holdings--Rs.112.84 Cr), United Breweries Ltd (Rs.2862.51 Cr), United Spirits Ltd (Rs.4675.85 Cr)  and U B Engineering Ltd (Rs.24.46 Cr). It also holds 24.44% stake in Kinghfisher Airlines Ltd. The current talks of Jet Airways Ltd  singing a deal with Etihad, might create more optimism  and a benchmark for Kingfisher Airlines Ltd, too. For more on it  please (i) CLICK  HERE & (ii) Click Here and (ii) CLICK  HERE. I am sure it will reach my targets within a couple of weeks, as  you are indirectly buying the shares of one of the worlds largest and reputed spirit companies, CLICK  HERE.