Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chart of Suzlon Energy Ltd
Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd hits another buyer freeze in the opening trade. The stock got locked in the upper circuits at Rs.4.64. It is good to see that the Stock Exchange has increased the circuit limit for the counter. When a company has improving fundamentals, then it will not help by lowering its circuit limit of the scrip, it would get freezed by any case. This we have seen in  umpteen number of cases earlier. Also, the stock exchanges should see that the retail investors do not flee from the market, due to their actions. It is necessary to bring them back; hence they should take calibrated measures so that on one  hand the business of the stock exchanges increases and on the other hand the retail investors (who basically  play in the small and mid cap counters) starts to take more and more interest in the markets. This is only possible, only when they start getting profits from their investments. I therefore, urge upon the exchanges to put an end to the T-group and keep a minimum circuit of 5% on any scrip, not below that.....The point to be noted here is that: if  any money gets blocked for too long in any scrip due to repeated circuits, neither the stock exchanges nor the retail investors benefits. Yes, it is necessary to reduce the volatility but please do not do such exercises  which kills the Golden Goose.  
Suzlon Energy Ltd as expected touched Rs.20.85 before cooling down at Rs.20.40. There is as such no negative news in the counter as has been mentioned a number of times. The stock should move up from here, as it has given a major break out after a long time. It has an order book which  has crossed more than Rs.41, 000 Cr. Can  you imagine where the share price will be if all these orders are implemented, after the banks continue to provide working capital to the company? Suzlon Energy Ltd, which commenced operations in India in 1995 with just 20 people, has now grown into one of the major global leaders in the wind power industry.
  • Cumulative installed base (as on September 2012) is more than 7500 MW across 8 states in India and 10 MW in Sri Lanka. 
  • Suzlon enjoys market leadership edge in India with a consistent market leadership for 14 consecutive years with nearly 43% cumulative market share
  •  Over 1700 customers in India from across diverse industry sectors & geographies
  • Customer mix comprising of SMEs, large corporate houses, PSUs, Utilities and IPPs 
  • Comprehensive capabilities across wind energy value chain and end-to-end solution
This will be the stock of the year, 2013 and hence any dip should be used to accumulate the scrip
Kingfisher Airlines Ltd as expected hit the buyer freeze in the late afternoon trade. Yesterday, I had discussed on FACEBOOK, that it would be prudent for Etihad to go for Kingfisher Airlines Ltd (KFA Ltd) rather than Jet Airlines Ltd due to the presence of a very powerful politician and business in the form of Dr.Vijay Mallya. I have argued that though lot of analysts including Mr.Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar are looking only at debts to seal the deal, my view is contrarian. I feel the viability of an airlines depends on lot of factors and debt is one component. Hence, only focusing on this part, I feel would not be the right approach. I had spoken at length how the presence of Dr.Mallya could bring about a radical change in KFA Ltd. Also, the consortium of banks would not let the KFA Ltd to falter because of obvious reasons. I have said at the end of the day, the presence of such  a high profile politician reminded me of the tale of Mahabharata, where Pandava Prince, Arjuna demanded only the presence of Lord Krishna with him, instead of fierce solders, when the option is given between the two. It is because a high profile politician is always more than 1000 horses........!! I have also said that in such a situation, I feel it would be a little childish to for Etihad to go for Jet Airways Ltd, simply on the debt issue, rather than taking over or thinking of Kingfisher Airlines too. Etihad needs to consider Rs.7000 Cr as advertisement cost, and go for the deal.
United Breweries Holdings Ltd which was given a buy today to the Paid Group/also those who are trading through my recommended brokerage  house, touched Rs.108.80. I am expecting it to touch Rs.121--127, in the next few trading sessions. It  has huge properties which if encashed, could take the scrip to dizzy heights.  Diageo, the world’s largest spirits maker, agreed to pick up a majority stake in United Spiris Ltd (USL) through a multi-structured deal. In a joint statement in November, Diageo said it entered into an agreement with United Breweries Holdings Ltd (UBHL) and USL to acquire a 27.4% stake in the latter at Rs.1,440 per share. Diageo was to acquire a 19.3 per cent stake in USL from UBHL group and further transaction was based on contingent agreements, which were structured in a way that if one agreement fails to achieve the desired result, another was to be activated.
Crest Animation Studios Ltd, which is one of  the biggest and most sophisticated studios of the world today closed flat at Rs.17.25. The scrip today tried to move above its 50 DEMA, but failed to do, though it did cross it and touched Rs.18.30 intra-day. If  you look at the Q2FY13 results of the company you will understand why I speak of it as a turnaround story. I  hope Q3FY13, results will be better at speaking sequentially. Chartically speaking MACD, PVO and PPO are more or less in the buy mode. I had earlier mentioned that when a company has a case of improving fundamentals, then no force in the world can play it down in a bull market. So, I stick to my  target of Rs.27-31-37-41 in the next 5-6 months time frame. For more views on the scrip you can: CLICK  HERE and CLICK  HERE