Thursday, January 10, 2013

United Breweries (Holding) Ltd: Forms a Temporary Bottom:
United Breweries (Holding) Ltd closed at Rs.115.80. The company has good stakes in  a number of group companies viz: Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (24.51%. The value of the holdings--Rs.112.84 Cr), United Breweries Ltd (Rs.2862.51 Cr), United Spirits Ltd (Rs.4675.85 Cr)  and U B Engineering Ltd (Rs.24.46 Cr). It also holds 24.44% stake in Kinghfisher Airlines Ltd. The current talks of Jet Airways Ltd  singing a deal with Etihad, might create more optimism  and a benchmark for Kingfisher Airlines Ltd, too. Besides, this Kingfisher Airlines Ltd is still not out of the deal according to the latest media reports. 
The scrip basically fell because, Diageo’s open offer to acquire another 26 per cent in United Spirits Ltd (USL) got delayed as the requisite approval did not come from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). But this is a done deal and things are expected to be streamlined soon. So, all points to the positive built up in the stock of United Breweries Holdings Ltd. Some weak hands might sell the counters, it is time that you pick up, but always keep a SL of Rs.102. 
In these market conditions, it will be virtual suicidal to play without STOP LOSS, unless you have a long term view.