Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suzlon Energy Ltd
Yesterday, I received some very interesting information on Suzlon Energy Ltd (CMP: Rs.18.50) and which was much better than what I  thought. The source said, the company at present is not having problem in payment of salaries to the employees. The earlier dues were all cleared up and if any will be cleared within a short time. The company's CDR mechanism is doing well and it is  only time that the things will get implemented. The banks have agreed for some interest rate subvention, which means the company would save a few  hundred crores on the total debt--there cannot be a better news that this. Moreover, on another front, since, BJP-led government is  now a reality in Gujarat and I hence, I feel all the Gujarat based stocks, viz, Suzlon Energy Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Gujrat Intrux Ltd, Gujarat Flurocarbon Ltd, etc. should see some positive momentum in the coming days. 
Therefore, along with me, you can also accumulate Suzlon Energy Ltd at Rs.18.50.