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Friday, December 28, 2012

Market Mantra
Southern Online Bio Tech Ltd hits another buyer freeze in the opening trade as expected. The diesel prices are expected to  be increased, according to the media reports. 
 Suzlon Energy Ltd moved up like a rocket, after it was recommended in this blog.  I can  only see positives in the counter and I still maintain my medium term target of Rs.31-32
ARSS Infrastructure Ltd, which was recommended as a buy yesterday, touched Rs.47.70, today and is expected to move up in the coming days, as the company hopes to turn black  by Q4FY13. The company has got interest subvention and this is already reflected in Q2FY13 results, when the interest cost came down drastically, from Rs.37.10 Cr in Q2FY12 to mere Rs.19.47 Cr in Q2FY13.  This is expected to continue in the coming quarters, as the Corporate Debt Restructuring picks up steam. The company has good order book positions. We need to accumulate all the Infrastructure Counters before the RBI goes in for a rate cut. 
RDB Infrastructure & Realty Ltd hits the buyer Freeze at Rs.26.75, after it was again recommended today at around Rs.25--25.50. This is one of the finest stocks from the Real Estate/Infrastructure Ltd and I think most of the veterans, will agree with me, in this case.