Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Country Club India Ltd: All Set To Make New 52-week High
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I have  been repeatedly recommending Country Club Ltd as a buy since it was near its 52-week low price and now time  has come to see its new  52-week high price. The company is coming out with a lot of new projects. 
Subsidiary Companies:The Company has eighteen subsidiary outfits as on 31st March, 2012:
Domestic Subsidiaries:
1. Aquarian Realtors Private Limited
2. Bush Betta Holiday Ownership Wildlife
Adventure Resort Private Limited
3. Bright Resorts Private Limited
4. Chanakyapuri Resorts Private Limited
5. Club Arzee Limited
6. International Country Holidays Private Limited
7. Jade Resorts Private Limited
8. JJ Arts & Entertainments Private Limited
9. Kolet Resort Club Private Limited
10. Maruti Waterpark and Entertainments Private
11. Country Vacations International Limited, India
12. Swami Vivekanand Training and Education
Centre Private Limited
13. Swimwel Investment and Trading Private Limited
International Subsidiaries:
(i) Country Club Babylon Resort Private Limited, Sri
(ii) Country Vacations International Limited, Dubai
(iii) Country Vacations International LLC, Dubai*
(iv) Country Vacations International LLC, Oman*
(v) Country Vacations International LLC, Abu
(v) Dhabi*Country Vacations International W.L.L, Bahrain*

(vi) Country Club and Vacations WLL, Qatar*

*Has become subsidiary of the Company under Section
4(1) (c) of the Companies Act, 1956.