Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Market Mantra
Cinemax Properties Ltd which was asked for a strong BUY for the Paid Groups, hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade, before coming down a bit. It is one of the finest counters and should give returns once the small and mid caps starts to perform. 
The Nifty_Futures are given a buy at around 5500, for a target of 5600. I think there is no negative in the market and every dips should be used to accumulate the counter. At present no political formation is ready for elections, and so a no confidence motion by the TMC could only be used to asses, the alignment of the parties or their polarization before the final in 2014--nothing more than that. 2ndly FDI in retail is a given case, so government in all probability will not allow voting on the bill---it will be seen as an executive decision. This FDI in retail in spite of all the posturings, is now a gone case for the opposition. Moreover, it might give more negative publicity to the BJP especially among the elites; while it might add to the edge of Shiv Sena/MNS, who supported the Bill. Hence, as of now there is no problem for the government, except some shouts and ruckus waiting for us in the Parliament. It has been seen that the period between the 3rd week of November to the 1st week of January, has been positive for the stocks in the mid and small cap counters and hence accumulate the scrips in this space in every dip. The spot Nifty is now trading at 5555. I am sure, that Nifty would close in the Green Today.