Monday, October 15, 2012

The government should announce more incentives for the Equity Market, to attract the retail investors, whose population has dwindled over the years. Or else the money would flow, in the  other sectors like Gold, Real Estate, etc, which I believe are already in a bubble stage.
Glodyne Technoserve Ltd which was asked to be accumulated today, hit the buyer freeze in the opening, trade on the positive news that one of the promoters is in overseas for some deals. The company's annual report is expected to come in the last week of November or by the middle of December, 2012. The company is doing reasonably well, but the share price came down basically due to pledged share issue, which is more or less solved now. I think at Rs.69, the stock has already made a bottom and it should move up in the coming days---the upper targets could be Rs.92-95. 
A buy call was initiated in Nifty_Futures today keeping XXX, as the stop loss. Those who have invested in Nifty_Futures have made good gains on their investments. Congratulations to them. Therefore, join either my Paid Service or my brokerage house for some good gains in the coming days. In these difficult market conditions it would be virtually dangerous for novice investors, to try their hands in the markets. If you do not have time but want to invest in the markets, you can join my profit sharing scheme.
I think most of  you have been accumulating Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd in all declines. The stock should give decent returns, in the coming days. The compulsory digitization of TV services, is expected to be positive for the broadcasters like Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd.  
Country Club India Ltd touched Rs.10, today before closing at Rs.9.45, up 4.65%. The next target of the company is Rs.17-18 and  hence those who are holding can continue to add the scrip in all declines. On the charts, probably a GOLDEN CROSS has occurred as the scrip closed with good trading volume and hence be ready for further upsides. 
Investors can start accumulating the shares of SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd at around Rs.5.05, for some good targets going forward. The sector has started to look good again. In a significant development, more than 50 spinning mills from the South Indian textile hub of Coimbatore have come together to source quality cotton at lower prices.