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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd & KBC News
Kohinoor Broadcasting Corp Ltd's ultra Modern office at Rajpura
The company (Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd) launched its maiden TV Channel KBC News, last year but many ignorants do not want to believe the story. Many, still think that the company's promoters are still giving out smokes instead of fire. Hence, I thought to clarify the same, from a shareholder's point of view so that some of those, fuddy-duddy marketmen, could be reversed back to the original mode.....Huh!!
The stock is now at Re.0.68 (68 paise), after hitting repeated circuits from Re.0.45. The channel will be available on Pan India Basis, within the next 6 months and also if possible it would create an overseas platform for it.....It is more or less a regional channel now. Another Channel KBC Plus or KBC Gold will soon follow the suit, which is expected to have a pan India presence from the beginning.
According to my close sources one of the promoters is now in Singapore, to chalk out the overseas strategy, because it has the capacity to uplink 8-channels from its earth station in North India. Or in other words it can give on RENT its sophisticated up-linking station to sundry broadcasters and also earn indirectly.
Also, its solar energy project is expected to kick-start from the the middle of 2013. A point to be noted is that, when the company neither had a TV Channel or an Earth Station, its stock hit Rs.20.70, therefore one can imagine where its share price could touch when (now) it has both and over and above it has a Solar Energy project to boast. So, it is now a win-win situation for the shareholders.