Thursday, September 06, 2012

V2 Retail Ltd (Vishal Retail Ltd) as expected hit the buyer freeze on the hopes that the government could come up with FDI in retail in the 2nd week of September, 2012. There were also movements seen in Pantaloon Retail Ltd and CESC Ltd (It is a hidden retail play). 
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd reached Rs.71, before cooling down a bit. This is the 2nd time after the declaration of the results, that the scrip touched this level.  
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd hit the buyer freeze before coming down a bit. I am expecting the scrip to cross Rs.30 in the next one month time frame.
As expected Anant Raj Industries Ltd bounced from Rs.43-43.20 levels to close at Rs.43.35. Those who have adequate cash should buy this scrip as a Fixed Deposit and keep holding. Exit Tera Software Ltd and enter Anant Raj Industries Ltd, as a rate cut or a CRR cut is expected in the next RBI's policy meet. 
The Nifty_Futures as expected touched the 1st target of 5275 (though it moved much higher). A buy call was initiated on Nifty on Tuesday, for the 1st target of  5275 (Futures and not spot). You can refer that call in Facebook Group: SumanSpeaks . 
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