Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nifty Futures today touched the 3nd target of 5400, as it closed around 5405. The 1st target of 5350 and 5370 has already been reached in this series. The Nifty is now heading towards my next target of 5450. Congratulations to all those who made money through this call.
Today's call Glodyne Tehnoserve Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the late afternoon trade. This call was also given to the Free Service members in both Yahoo Messenger and Facebook. Those who want to enroll themselves for FREE suggestions during the market hours can add my ID: suman_2004s@yahoo.co.uk. 
Uflex Ltd recommended a couple of days back, reached its first target of Rs.96, on the 1st day itself. Now we are looking towards the 2nd target of Rs.101. This is a superb company in the packaging space and since the FMCG sector is going great the companies in this sector are bound to do well in the coming days.  All major industries create wealth but if there is one industry that plays a unique role by way of both creation of wealth through a wide range of manufacturing activities and also by way of preserving the wealth or value created by many, many other industries, it is packaging. Apart from the huge value addition and employment involved in these activities, packaging has served the Indian economy by helping preservation of the quality and lengthening the shelf life of innumerable products - ranging from milk and biscuits, to drugs and medicines, processed and semi-processed foods, fruits and vegetables, edible oils, electronic goods etc., besides domestic appliances and industrial machinery and other hardware needing transportation. With water becoming a consumer product, polymer material-based bottles are becoming a universal presence. The Indian packaging industry itself is growing at 14-15% annually. This growth rate is expected to double in the next two years. It is estimated that more than 80% of the total packaging in India constitutes rigid packaging, which is the oldest and the most conventional form of packaging. The remaining 20% comprises flexible packaging. 
  • India's per capita packaging consumption is less than USD 15 against world wide average of nearly $100, hence there is a huge scope of business in this segment.  
  • The large growing middle class, liberalization and organized retail sector are the catalysts to growth in packaging. 
  • Food and Pharma packaging are the key driving segments. Since at present both the sectors are doing fine and hence we can see, uptick in the sector in the coming days.
  • With an expanding middle class and rising income levels, the patterns of consumption are bound to change substantially and the demand for quality and convenience-based products will increase. Concurrently, the increased interaction with the developed world will considerably influence the aesthetic and quality norms of the Indian consumer and lead to better consumption standards. This is expected to stimulate greater consumption of branded products and increase the use of packaging.
 Today the UFLEX Group has Asia's largest state-of-the-art packaging plant and allied infrastructure at NOIDA (U.P.) spread over 70 acres. Now calculate the value of 70 acres of land in Noida, where the land prices are shooting over the roof. Consdering that commercial land price is generally Rs.30000/ per Sq Mt (minimum), or the value of 70 acres of land could be around Rs.850 Cr. Now add to its the cost of setting up a factory in this land. Apart from this Uflex Ltd, has five manufacturing plants spread over the world--India, Egypt, Dubai, Mexico and Poland. Now calculate their values too and then compare it with the equity of the company which is merely Rs.72.21 Cr. Are you finding the scrip trading at the price of water, leaving aside the business of the company and its order book??!! Should it trade less than Rs.150? Ask yourself.....!!
Moreover, Uflex Ltd also has a Chemical division in the name of Uflex Chemical Division, ISO 9001 certified company, which established a US $ 6.5 million manufacturing facility at NOIDA (U.P) with ongoing technology transfer agreements with M/s. Color Converting Industries, U.S.A. and M/s. Sunkyong Industries Limited, South Korea-a Fortune 500 company. Uflex once revolutionized the Shampoo market by Optimizing Shampoo Laminate structure and introduced Multi (5) Track Form Fill Seal Machine - Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, etc. It also has a Cylinder
Printing division which churns out, 35,000 cylinders per annum. The Book value of the shares of the company is Rs.178.96. I am looking at a target of Rs.129--132, in the next 45 days time frame. 
Anant Raj Industries Ltd asked to be accumulated on all declines, especially at around Rs.43.50-44, touched Rs.46.20 today. The scrip should give decent returns to the shareholders in the company. In the same segment, Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd should also do well going forward.. 
Crude Oil recommended around 5335 yesterday, today touched 5372. I am sure the target of 5400 will come in the next few days. Meanwhile, the brokerage house SMC Global today, gave a buy call at 5335 for a target of 5365.
Bartronics Ltd today touched Rs.25.90, before closing flat. The stock should be moving towards Rs.35-40, in the coming days, as most of the IT stocks are simply moving up, due to positive sentiments prevailing in this sector. The book value of Bartronics Ltd is Rs.158.66 and the scrip is trading at Rs.22.60, what a joke??!! When most of the IT stocks are shooting over the roof, I am surprised to see it roll between Rs.22 and Rs.26......!!
V2 Retail Ltd (Earlier, Vishal Retail Ltd) hit the buyer freeze in the mid afternoon trade, with good volumes before closing a tad below at Rs.10.77. Those who have still not taken position in the company, should enter it before it starts hitting upper circuits.
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