Friday, September 21, 2012

Appreciation Mail
I get lot of appreciation mails/messages, most of the days of a week, but I try to put only some select few in this blog. This one is from a gentleman, who was suggested to buy UCO Bank Ltd at Rs.63-64 last month; as a part of my Free Service. Today UCO Bank touched Rs.77.85 and naturally this gentleman got elated. Let us now see what he write in two sentences.

Dear Sir,
Really you are great. Now pls give me good offer for subsciption.
Rajendra Khoja
E-mail: (a part of the mail address is hidden for privacy). 

My reply:  Thank you Rajendra Khoja, for your great words of appreciation towards me and also, for visiting my blog. I hope  you could make some money from UCO Bank scrip. Congratulations to you in this occassion. One point which I would like to highlight here is that this gentleman came back, after he got some results from my suggestions, unlike most who take help but never show their faces if they make the profit. Therefore kudos to him and countless like him, who are true and honest. India is great because of these kinds of souls, still outnumber the cheats and thugs, "Great Indian Number Game". I wish him success in all his future endeavors. 
This is how the real people support and motivate me, to move ahead. If you remember, till 2006-07, everything was free from my end. But now I cannot run a FREE Premium Service anymore, because the cost of research, has shot up beyond some limits. Friends therefore, I need your unflinching support so that I can carry on my work, of suggesting the best way to make money from the markets, within my capabilities. Till date I have never asked for any donations for my service in the equity markets nor have I tried to charge some exhorbitant amount from the investors/traders. My Paid Service Charges are almost the same in during the last 5-6 years, except a minor hike. In fact I have helped thousands if not lakhs FREE of CHARGE, till date to make money from the markets. Also, I have never claimed to be infallible.