Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parliament deadlocked for sixth day over coalgate
[The loss to the government till now = Rs.25x8x6 lakhs. Can you imagine the loss if it continues for the full session? This amount of money can build a couple of  schools and colleges in a village.....Also,  I feel it is a carefully thought out plan by the BJP to stall the important bills like FDI in Retail, Pension Bill, Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill (which will enable the Reserve Bank of India, the RBI to issue new licences)  etc, to be passed. May be they are waiting for their turn to come, so that they can get, "Mota Maal" from the foreign retailers for passing the bill. Amazing!! It is one of the most irresponsible and unfortunate part of Indian polity---the BLACK-MAILING POLITICS. 
“It’s a matter of regret, of even shame, that at a time when serious issues are affecting our people and our country, Parliament is not being allowed to function and fulfil its proper constitutional role and duty,” Ms.Sonnia Gandhi said, addressing the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP). “This is the handiwork of just one party—the BJP.”
Ms.Sonia Gandhi alleged that holding Parliament to ransom “by blackmail” has become a habit for the BJP. She said this had become a concern for “some of its allies”, adding that “this attitude of ‘our way or no way’ makes a mockery of the vision of our founding fathers and of the constitutional framework they so painstakingly built for us”. 

Now tell me: how is that the BJP, did not know anything, when the coal blocks were being allotted under the nose of the CMs of the respective states? They suddenly woke up from sleep or what, after the CAG report was tabled!! How can we conclude that they also did not get "Mota Maal" during their tenure and also during this period also?  A wrong doing needs to be checked at the very root; it is no use shouting fire fire, when the house has already been burnt. The BJP's blackmailing politics, will slowly alienate its friends from the corporate and other worlds.
It might get difficultly in funding its election campaigns......Good luck to them.....Moreover, when the market was just limping back to normalcy, the BJP's backdoor politics has destroyed everything. If there was any anomaly in allocating the blocks they should come to Parliament, debate and then go for any enquiry if needed; instead, blocking the Parliament for days, like the Congress did post Gujarat Riots,and is most unfortunate. Many are saying that BJP and Congress are now two sides of the same coin---except that one practices soft and unwritten "Hindutva" and other hardline, "Hindutva" .When the Indian economy is going through a bad/ rough phase, it would have been the duty of all the parties to work together to give it the required direction--but it seems that political parties are busy with their vote bank game.The CAG should remain within its limits---it should not overstretch. It's wrong game plan in case of Telecom Sector, has already hurt not only the companies but also the shareholders. How can the auction for any spectrum start when there was virtually no infrastructure in the country? Also, how can today's price of spectrum be the price 7-8 years back and loss calculated based on some fictitious price? For the moment such high reserve price is not finding buyers for the spectrum---the Courts had to defer the date of auction. I do not know whether would really take place or not at such a high price. There is a difference between theory and practice. Also,  the suggestions of arm chair specialists are not the solution for all the problems. Most of the Telecom companies are now bleeding or making meager profit, even thuogh they followed the law of the land and went for buying of the spectrum........Therefore, the real issue today is that: politics has become really a very dirty game in India---may be best suited for Scoundrels, Blackmailers, failed/cunning Lawyers and Unscrupulous Persons.  I am sorry to say, that this kind of politics of blackmailing has already destroyed the vibrant telecom sector, and if continued it will destroy all other sectors too. ..]
Parliament remained deadlocked for the sixth day on Tuesday as Bharatiya Janata Party stuck to its demand for resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the coal block allocation issue.
As soon as the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha met for the day, BJP members trooped to the Well raising slogans against the prime minister.
The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam members were also seen protesting against the government for training Sri Lankan forces at airbases in India.
In the Lok Sabha, the National Democratic Alliance appeared to put up a show of unity with Shiv Sena, Janata Dal-United and Akali Dal members raising slogans against the government from their seats.
AIADMK members were also seen in the aisle but they could not be heard in the din.
Several Congress members were also on their feet insisting that the House function.
Amid vociferous protests, both the Houses were adjourned till noon
In the Rajya Sabha, DMK members moved to the aisles carrying banners that read 'Stop Training Sri Lankan Army' the moment Chairman Hamid Ansari called the House to order.
"Please don't do banners please," Ansari pleaded with DMK members.
BJP members on the other hand shouted slogans demanding resignation of the prime minister.
When DMK members started moving towards the Well, Ansari warned them that he "will name them" if they stepped into the Well. He then adjourned the House till noon.
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