Monday, July 23, 2012

Dr. Ben Bernanke will box, the Bears away
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd is hitting buyer freezes since the last few days, on some favourable news. One of its mines have already got environmental clearance and is expected to start operation from the end of this year. We had earlier seen the promoters cornering the shares from the open market. There is a report on the company at:
Anant Raj Industries Ltd closed flat with huge volume in a market which was down significantly. The company is on the verge of becoming debt free. The investors are finding value in the scrip. Also, good days are ahead for Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd, as the company is expected to come up with good Q1FY13 numbers. 
Today, a BUY CALL (in the morning it was all sell and sell) was initiated in Nifty Futures (July Expiry) at around 5136--5139 (Please do not get confused: it is Nifty Futures & not Spot) levels around late afternoon, after some favourable news came from both the domestic and international front. But, though Nifty Futures, initially rose to 5143, but then after staying in between 5140-5143 for some time, it continued to fall, momentarily breaking the stop loss at 5120. Those Paid Members, who messaged me at that time during the market hours, regarding what to do, I asked them to lower the SL of Nifty Futures, to 5100, as I believe that fall was artificial and would not sustain at this moment, especially when in the domestic front, the government of the India has already kick-started a reform process with a divestment news in SAIL and FDI retail is on the cards.  I am sure those who have not exited from Nifty Futures (or risk taking traders), at the stop loss would make money tomorrow, as all indicators are pointing towards a smart recovery.
Other news and the recommended scrip for tomorrow, for the PAID/PREMIUM MEMBERS or THOSE WHO HAVE JOINED MY BROKERAGE HOUSE and have started to invest through my brokerage house, will be placed at:
Those whose accounts have opened are requested to deposit the required fund and commence trading. Thanks for your overwhelming response.
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