Friday, April 13, 2012

Market Mantra
Morning message to the Paid Groups (through Yahoo Messenger): Short Mini_Nifty (not Spot rates) at 5322, T--5270, SL--5350. The Mini_Nifty (Futures not cash) is now trading at 5317. Also, Paid Members were asked to bBook some profits in HINDALCO Industries Ltd at Rs.129.50, long of Rs.127.5-128.. TARGET ACHIEVED IN SHORT OF MINI_NIFTY (not spot rates) AT 5322, AT MINI_NIFTY TOUCHED 5190 ON THE DOWNSIDE, INTRA-DAY. NOW PAID MEMBERS WERE AGAIN GIVEN THE FOLLOWING CALLS TODAY AT AROUND 2 P.M: Premium Members please buy Mini_Nifty future above 5230, T--5300, SL--5170. Also buy IFCI Ltd at Rs.41.10--41.50. IFCI Ltd is coming up with results shortly (17th April, 2012) and with RBI, likely to cut the repo/reverse repo rates, I think bank stocks should give good returns. Also, you can buy Dena Bank Ltd at Rs.97-98, T--Rs.107, SL--Rs.94.
Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd hits another buyer freeze in the opening trade. The company is now both a broadcaster and a content provider. It now has its own studio and other facilities. Also, the company's solar energy projects are going to kick off from the next year.
Voltas Ltd today again touched Rs.120.95, where the investors/traders can book some profits and wait for the dips to enter. 
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd hits the buyer freeze in the opening trade. Seeing the vastness of its operations, I think it should cross Rs.100 in the coming days.
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