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Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Seemingly Unbelievable offer
I am stunned by your overwhelming Response!! Now Please get your E-mails verified quickly and add your friends in your down-line...
I have got the following offer from an Internet Friend, who said a lot about the website given below. I do know what it is all about, but since it does not need money to register you can try your luck. However, take decisions according your thinking. When I posted this information here in this blog, what I wanted to mean is that, you can find pearls even in broken Oysters--so look at every opportunity in the world, there might be hidden gem in some seemingly absurd looking projects, but at the same time, be adroit.The link is given below for your kind perusal:  
The website says the following: If you invite just 5 people to join for free and they do the same 5 generations deep, you could earn about $4,000 every month PASSIVELY for life, doing NOTHING different than you already do everyday.
What if everyone invited just 10 people? That amount would EXPLODE to: $111,110 every month. There is NO limit! The more people you invite the more money you'll earn. Period!  For more on this: CLICK HERE

Note: I think many of you have enrolled in this programme, just out of fun, which is fine. But please see that your email addresses gets verified, or else whole exercise of yours will end up in a smoke, as the non-verified e-mails would be deleted according to the website. Also, if anyone is asking for any money, in the website, please do NOT drop in a single penny to them....Now For verification, you need to do the following:
(i) Register your name and email to the website by filling in the online form.
(ii) After that you will receive an email to your inbox, where you would find a link. 
(iii) Please click on the link to the reach the website once again. If the link is not working, please copy paste the link on your browser and click, ENTER.
(iv) The process of verification of your e-mail is completed
(v) Now start adding friends in your down line, through out of mouth canvassing or through your referral link. 
This is just a fun process and hence do not expect any thing great from this exercise. If we are lucky we could get some bucks from the company or else simply take things as a fun. However, we would be able to build a network of sorts which might help us in future. Let us see, if the website gives us money or not, as is promised. 
But, truly speaking I was surprised to see so many of you getting registered with the site. If you have any problem, please feel free to speak with me on Yahoo Messenger: suman_2004s@yahoo.co.uk or Gtalk: sumanm2007s@gmail.com.
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