Monday, March 26, 2012

India burns, the Government laughs
Yes, this should be the appropriate headline, denoting the current economic scenario in India. The UPA government with an out of sync FM, a Blind Prime Minister, a former "London Bar Maid", as the President of the INC, and a regressive ally in the form of Tinomool Congress (TMC) are out there to destroy India, bits by bits. The government does not care to listen to anyone, except, belching out long promises. 
If you could remember, the current Finance Minister was the defense minister when 26/11 happened, and till today, we know nothing much has happened in the said investigation---not a single overseas operator has been brought to book nor Pakistan has stopped sponsoring terrorism to India--it is back to square one, with minister changing the office. This inefficient, Defense Minister is now the Finance Minister of this great country---so what more can we expect other than incompetency. He says, "The government is committed to meeting fiscal deficit, expenditure and subsidy targets fixed in the Budget" but till now we neither saw any road map nor any action plan in this direction. He has been saying, since the last couple of  years, "Budget is not the only place to address all the problems", but till now we saw nothing from his office, worthwhile to be discussed; except some drops here and there....
Adding to the towering inferno, is a pet-dog-of-government- kind-of-Central Bank, the infamous RBI, whose office bearers are drawing fat salaries, from the poor tax payers money, just for doing nothing; may be only to hold endless meetings and obeying the government orders to the book. From their behaviour during the last couple of  years, it appears that they might be deriving sadistic pleasure from the fall in the markets and umpteen problems in the industry. A pure case of Saddam Hussein type regime, where people were treated worst than zoo animals!!
So, what is the way out:
(i) To use every forum, to canvass for the demise of the UPA government at the earliest.
(ii) Come and vote out this incompetent government(and some of its mindless and regressive allies), which is out there to burn this great country to ashes, with their ill conceived and motivated politics. 
When the industry is sinking, the government chose fit to increase the service tax, to make merry with the government funds once again, which left little room for interest rate rise. When, we are already having high inflation and the industry is suffering from high interest rate regime for more than one and  half year, was it justified to hit their heads again, with this kinds of odd rate hikes??!!  
What I feel is that: the days are not far when India might have a French Revolution, type incident, as Indians are getting increasingly tired of the misrule of UPA and the regressive methods used by some of  its allies like Trinomool Congress, who are there to rule, at the cost of  selling the heads of common man.
At the end, what I feel is that unless some of the heads of the current UPA regime goes under guillotine, the common man might continue to suffer from the fiendish misrule of the UPA regime. When we had a strong economy gifted from the NDA, this UPA regime destroyed it completely in the last few years, by scams and ill-conceived anti-Industry policies. These fellows owe an answer to its citizens, who are paying taxes and other duties.
The citizens of this country, should now make preparations to get rid of a BLIND PRIME MINISTER and his cabinet ministers before it is too late or else India could tread the path of Greece or Italy in the near future, with ballooning fiscal deficit and no concrete steps to rein it. Also, the example of Dr.M M Singh shows that a person who is academically brilliant or with good academic background may not necessarily be a good administrator or a minister.
Also, what is ironical is that when the world is looking for growth the Indian Finance Minister and the RBI is talking of reducing growth. Huh!! Interesting isn't it??!! These people should be made visiting lectures at Harvard University, for these kinds of high-voltage thinking.....God help this country and its people...........!!
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