Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dish TV Ltd: A Brokerage House is now Bullish on the counter
Dish TV Ltd is about to start its dream run, as the company coming up with some innovations every now and then. Creating yet another benchmark in technological innovation in the DTH industry, Dish TV India, the country’s largest direct-to-home service provider, announced the launch of Dish truHD+ with an unlimited recording capacity, at an unmatched price of Rs.2690 for the consumers, last month. The unique feature of Dish truHD+ is its compatibility with any USB device enabling consumers to simply plug and play an existing USB stick/ HDD, and build an entire library of their favorite programmes. Dish truHD+ will have dual advantage of all HD and DVR features, at the price of existing HD box only! The price of Rs.2690 includes the new Dish truHD+ box along with one month Dish truHD Royale Pack. Further, as a promotional offer Dish TV is providing a 4 GB USB drive free to get the user accustomed to the concept of plugging an external device to use the recording features. The DVR features include Record, rewind, forward, pause live TV etc. What’s more, subscribers can also enable time based and event based recording on the box. The idea of this launch is to expand the digital video recorder (DVR) market by making it accessible at the price of a normal HD box. 
Dish TV is India’s largest direct-to-home company and part of the biggest media conglomerate–Zee Group. Dish TV has on its platform 330+ channels and services including 21 audio channels with 12.5 million subscribers, which is growing. The company has a vast distribution network of about 1400 distributors and 55,000 dealers that spans around 6600 towns across the country. Dish TV has 24*7 call centres with 1600 seats in 11 different languages to take care of subscriber requirements at any point of time. For more information on Dish TV, visit
By 2015, the DTH share of cable and satellite subscribers will have increased by 23 million to touch 64 million, according to PINC Research. Billions will be invested in digital technology, be it satellites in space, ground level infrastructure or user-end devices like the truHD+ DVR. 
After yesterday's break-out the scrip is heading towards Rs.62-66, in the coming days.
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