Friday, July 13, 2018

Winning Strokes: Think Different
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Today the scrip of P C Jewellers Ltd (Rs.119.90) closed below Rs.121, after the company cancelled the buyback offer. However, such announcement of back of shares by management does not mean much  to the shareholders except some form of moral booster. Moreover, it is often seen that the required company does not stick to the promise of full amount buyback mentioned earlier. I would therefore, congratulate the management of the company and ask them to deploy the funds kept aside for buyback for the establishment of new retail outlets which will create more value for the shareholders. You can take fresh positions only if it gives a closing above Rs.122 with good volumes -- till then stay away from the counter; as I fear that it might test Rs.95 going forward.
Jewelers in India are having a tough time since the last few years. Recently, the industry came under a cloud with two companies under investigation for an alleged banking fraud of $2 billion. This comes even as the World Gold Council estimates that physical demand for jewelry slid 12% in the first three months of 2018. 
The current "Wicked and Machiavellian" dispensation in Delhi has done everything to destroy the once vibrant "Private Sector", as the banks are now saddled with bad loans of around 10 lakh crore. Systematically, almost every sector has been made to bleed, in the name of Tax Reforms [Read: Tax Terrorism], Removal of Incentives to some sectors in the name of Nation Development/Lowering of FD, etc etc. While the larger players could rise their head above water in such tiring circumstances, the biggest hit was SME sector. I  am reminded of the crisis in Greece, where the citizens cheered as the government thought to control the price of commodities -- later the same people were up in arms against the government when it failed to pay international loans. 
Some Indians have hallucinations that heaving taxing the industry and giving as much allowances [tax cuts] to the individual tax payers is the only panacea to all the crisis; while the reality is that if you throw a stone up, it will invariably come down. But then, I feel a 1st time MP tuned PM by FLUKE and a Lawyer turned FM, who had wafer thin finance background before joining the Finance Ministry, does not have the necessary acumen to analyse, the causes of crisis during the earlier regime and act accordingly. The only thing the current administration in Delhi has done during the last 4 years is to harass poor people [Do you remember how poor, old and disabled had to stand in long queues to get their legitimate money from ATMs] and businessmen.
In 2004, the then Government introduced Security Transaction Tax (STT), where all securities listed in an exchange (excluding commodity and currency) were subject to this tax, during the purchase or sale. This was levied instead of imposing a LTCG tax. With the introduction of LTCG, investors are now paying both the STT and LTCG thus incurring double taxes. 
Moreover, sensing discontent among the large section  of Indians, this government is trying to woo the Public Sector employees by giving them high pay hikes [7th Pay Commission], by looting the "Private Sector Enterprises" and they will pay for that in the next elections in 2019. Do you know the salary and Perks of an Army Colonel or a Superintendent of Police ora Ticket Booking Clerk in Indian Railways Vis-a-Vis their qualifications? How much does a clerk or a Supervisor deployed by a Private Security Agency get in the Private Sector even in Metros like Delhi, Kolkata or Bombay? Kindly Google!! Also check the current recruitments in Indian Army.

Energy Development Company Ltd, an Amar Singh & Jaya Prada outfit, today closed flat at around Rs.15.55 in the NSE. As the crude starts to soar up, the valuation of renewable energy companies are likely to improve. Moreover, the company is trading below its book value of Rs.23.49 and has a dividend yield of 3.22% at the CMP. The prudent investors should buy the shares of this company and keep holding till October, '18. Theoretically, if RIL (Rs.1099.80 up 1.61%) is rising, then the shares of Energy Development Company Ltd should also rise. 

Today among the sugar stocks mentioned in my last post, Sri Renuka Sugars Ltd closed at Rs.12.3 just a tad below the 52-week low price of Rs.12.05. Last month there was media briefing that Singapore-based Wilmar Sugar Holdings (WSH) had acquired an additional 19.77% stake in in Mumbai based, Shree Renuka Sugars through an open offer which was launched a few months back. As per the shareholding pattern, WSH had 38.57% stake in Shree Renuka Sugars as on March 2018. After the completion of the open offer, WSH's stake has now gone up to 58.34% in the same. This is one of the most safest and high pedigree sugar counters available today and hence keep holding till December, '18, for at least 50% return from the CMP.

One of my earlier recommended counters Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd, where I do not think any of my current clients have holdings (as I have asked them to book profits and exit, around a couple of years back) today closed at Rs.1.47. I get lot of mails asking what to do with the scrip. If you are heavily invested in the shares of the company and have no clue on the current happenings in it and want information or suggestions, then you need to pay Rs.10000, for 6 months and Rs.18000 for 12 months. Similar is the case with many of my earlier recommended counters like [where I do not have any holding except in KBCL and Genera Agri, but some of my old clients who are no longer subscribed to my Premium Service, might have]: 
Rohhit Ferro Tech Ltd (Rs.2), IVRCL Ltd (Rs.1.90), HCC (Rs.11.35), Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ld (Rs.1.34), MBL Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.18.25), Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.13), PVP Ventures Ltd (Rs.3.94), Genera Agri Corp Ltd (Rs.9.10), Unitech Ltd (Rs.4.15), Rasoya Proteins Ltd (Re.0.16), Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.5.27), Jayee Infratech Ltd (Rs.5.96), Lanco Infratech Ltd (Rs.0.85), Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd (KBCL, CMP: Re.0.21), etc, etc
For getting source based additional information on stocks, you need to pay a few bucks; as nothing comes for free. If  you are a small investor, then some discounts can be given. Now, kindly, don't shoot me mails, asking for FREE TIPS or INFORMATION on the same. 

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