Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Winning Strokes: Think Different
The stock of Bhusan Steel Ltd (Rs.40.40) which was recommended around Rs.22.65 to those who are subscribed to my Premium Services and to those who are trading through BMA Wealth Creators Ltd is going on for some correction after a long BULL run. The Premium Members were asked to book profits at around Rs.42-45. I hope most of them and those who are trading through my recommended brokerage house have made good profit on this scrip. These days, it is a little difficult to make money only following this blog, unless you do some research on the scrips, mentioned here.....the days of making money from the share market through fluke or "Tukka" is probably over -- there is a need for taking of specialized help, because you are competing with CAs, ICWAIs, MBA Finance Professionals, Veteran Market Players, etc.

I have given a buy on the share of Vakrangee Ltd (Rs.34.15) to my Premium Clients yesterday. The scrip is trading near its 52-week low price of Rs.31 and have lost more than 80% since the start of 2018. The shares have low downside considering the current developments. Some Business Channels like Bloomberg-Quint and CNBC TV18 are unnecessarily creating fear psychosis among the shareholders, after the company parted ways with its previous auditor, i.e. PwC; as if this is the first time it has happened in a listed company. According to the management Vakrangee Ltd 's EBIDTA is equivalent to its PBT. 
The point is that: if the financials of the company are so pathetic why would the new auditors agree to take charge of the company? Are the new auditors not aware of pros and cons of misreporting? Meanwhile, the company's treasury committee has also revised its investing policy, where it would now invest ~90% of its surplus funds in debts and the rest 10% through Mutual Funds -- the direct investing in equity shares has been discontinued. The company is having around 44,000 "Vakrangee (Seva) E-Kendras" in India spread across 16 states and ~15000 of them are in Rajasthan alone. The management claims it to be a debt free and the market cap of the company is only Rs.3,615.81 crore. The company has a good business model, however  the accumulation of NPAs in the banking sector is a cause of concern. Buy the shares of the company with a SL at Rs.26 and hold them for 3-6 months, for at least 50% appreciation from the CMP of Rs.34.15. Prudent investors, should buy a scrip it is out of the radar of the general investors.

The stock of Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.7.11) is going in for correction after making a recent high of around Rs.7.4. The target for the scrip for the premium members was given Rs.9, which it almost reached. However, those who bought the scrip at around Rs.4.65, for their money nearly doubled during the last few weeks. Congratulations to all those who could make money in this scrip. 

The scrip of Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.14.50)  is consolidating around Rs.14-15 ranges, after it reached its 1st target of Rs.21, some days back. You can buy the scrip with a SL at Rs.11.60.

Lot of the "Blog Readers" who have not exited at the Stop Losses, have asked me (through e-mails) about some of my previous recommendations like: MBL Infrastructure Ltd (Rs.15.35), 3i Infotech Ltd (Rs.4.42), Jai Balaji Industries Ltd (Rs.9.65), Future Enterprises Ltd (Rs.35.90) , TV Vision Ltd (Rs.9.63) etc. But for personalized information or for my opinion on specific scrips, you either need to subscribe to my Premium Service or Trade through BMA Wealth Creators Ltd. 
Also, the offer for the small investors who have lost money, to start again with minimum fund through BMA Wealth Creators Ltd is over. Now, you need to have a portfolio size of around Rs.2 lakhs to get FREE PREMIUM SERVICE. You can reach me at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com or sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

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