Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Winning Strokes
Bhusan Steel Ltd hit another buyer freeze at around Rs.27.35 in the BSE, as the fall in coking coal prices continue to provide cushion for the steel companies. Another of my recommended steel counters moved up by more than 5% today. 

The real estate prices in Mumbai and NCR are not expected to rise up in a hurry and hence there is a long waiting period for the shareholders of Housing Development Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL). The share closed flat at Rs.31.35 in the NSE. 

The shares of TV Vision Ltd today made an intraday low (and 52-week low) of Rs.11.55. Why this is happening and where is the stock heading? 

The micro-cap  IT company which I recommended to the Premium Members, last month hit  the buyer freeze today at around Rs.4.26. The stock is expected to give at least 50% from the CMP, to the Patient Investors. 

The shares of P C Jewellers Ltd today made an intraday high of Rs.264.25 in the NSE before closing at Rs.202.30 down more 15% from yesterday's close of Rs.240.45. Where is the stock heading? Should one buy at this price?

I will recommend a small cap counter to the Premium Members, tomorrow;n after my success with Bhusan Steel. If you want to know the name you need to either join my Premium Service or trade through my recommended brokerage house. 

Note: I am running high fever, due to intense heat wave conditions here in Bombay and hence the updates of this blog could suffer. However, the Premium Members, would continue to get my inputs through e-mail and Yahoo Messenger. 

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