Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Market Mantra
1. Yesterday, that Special Premium Stock (2nd one of the series) hit the Upper Freeze and today also
Photo: Techpro Technologies
it it in the Upper Circuits. Congratulations to those who could invest in that scrip. I will declare the name of the scrip, once it rises more than 25%.  The name of the stock starts with "E".
I have started a new service, known as Special Premium Service, where you will get a stock where you can invest in 50:50 profit sharing basis or you can get the name of the stock by paying Rs.15, 000 for the 1st scrip and subsequently Rs.30,000 for each call. Also, the charges of my Premium Services have increased from Rs.12,000 to  Rs.15,000 from 10 September, 2017. However, I have come up with a Durga Pooja/Navratri offer. Those who will join now, will get at least one Special Premium Call FREE, which will give them at least 15% ROI, which means on an investment of 1 (one) lakh, you get Rs.15, 000, which in other words means, you get your money back or you get this service for one year, virtually FREE. This offer is valid for the first 1000 (one thousand) investors or till 31st December, 2017. Also, those who will join my associate brokerage house, will get 1 (one) Special Premium Call Free apart from getting Premium Service also Free. So hurry up before the offer expires....

2. My recommended HDIL touched Rs.66.25 today I am having a medium term target of Rs.91-92, so remain invested. 

3. I have another stock which can also give superb returns going forward. Those who are interested to invest around Rs.3-5 lakhs (No Debt Financing, to minimize the risk) on 50:50 profit sharing basis do, let me know at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com/sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

4. I had asked to exit Unitech Ltd (Rs.7.40), a couple of weeks back and invest in HDIL. Look at the price of HDIL now and that of Unitech Ltd. While HDIL have moved from Rs.61-62 to Rs.66.25, the price of Unitech Ltd has not gone anywhere, during this period. 

5. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Rs.24.80) is fine as long as it is above Rs.23.50. If that is broken then you can again think of exiting the scrip. 

6. Today's Calls:
(a) Buy Arvind Ltd at around Rs.415.5,  SL: Rs.408,  T: Rs.425 on T+2 basis. This is a pure chart based call.
(b) Intraday Buy Voltas Ltd at around Rs.540, SL: Rs.534, T: Rs.549-556 . This is Chart based brokerage call. Book partial profits around Rs.545.35. Intraday  target of Rs.549 achieved. 
(c)  Intraday buy Federal Bank Ltd at around Rs. 114.30, SL: Rs.112.90, T: Rs.116-117. This is a pure chart based brokerage call. Exit Federal Bank around Rs.114.75. Call Closed.
(d) Intraday buy Canara Bank Ltd on declines at around Rs.339, SL: Rs.336, T: Rs.344.
(e) Buy Torrent Power Ltd at around Rs. 228, SL: Rs.223,  T: Rs.234-238 on T+2 basis. This is a pure chart based call.
(f) Intraday buy BHEL at around Rs. 132.25, SL: Rs.130.75, T: Rs.134.75-136. This is a chart based call.
(g)  Buy (T+5) V - Guard Industries Ltd around Rs.198, SL: Rs.193, T: Rs.210-215. This is both a fundamental and chart based call.
(h) Intraday buy Tata Chemicals at around Rs.632, SL: Rs.625, T: Rs.641-645. This is a chart based brokerage call. EXIT around Rs.634. Call Closed!!
(i) BTST/ (T+1): Buy  BEL around Rs.197.40, SL: Rs.195.70, T: Rs.199.50-201. This is a chart based brokerage call.

7. Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.8.45) is correcting after touching Rs.9. What to do with the scrip? Join my Premium Service to stay ahead of others. 

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