Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mandhana Industries: Result Update
MadhĂ na Industries came up with a loss of Rs.76.33 Cr in Q1FY18, however it is much better than I expected. During the June, 2017 quarter the write off was Rs.363.80 Cr, due to slow moving/old moving obsolete products. This has created much difference.

Moreover, the loss of Rs.76.33 Cr in the June quarter is much less than Rs.413.53 Cr in Q1FY17. But on the flip side the company has defaulted on Loans and is in talks with the lenders to go for restructuring.

In such circumstances, I feel.the worst is over for the Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.8.13). Also, I feel the Narendra Modi's autocracy (damaging the ecomomy with wrong policies) will end within a couple of years as the new government takes office in 2019.
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