Monday, June 05, 2017

Narendra Modi's Government is Testing the Patience of Indians ??!!
The GST: on Gold 3%, Real Estate 12%, Biscuits 18% and Telecom Services 18%.In the textiles category, silk and jute fibre have been exempted...... Silk saree's are worn by poor people only.......idiosyncrasies should have their limits.

Man-made apparel up to Rs.1,000 will attract a 5 per cent tax, lower than the existing 7 per cent. Those costing above Rs 1,000, will continue to attract 12 per cent. Man-made fibre and yarn will, however, attract a 18 per cent tax rate.

Where is 5% and where is 12% or 18%  -- Tughlaquian. It is like the 1st class fare of Mumbai's local trains are almost 4 times the 2nd class -- are the passengers if 1st class, super rich...? Are we having a pro-leftist government in India. .?

Some morons are busy with Cow and Triple Talaq, winking at serious economic issues; as GDP growth deteriorates and sector after sector gets destroyed. After construction/real estate, banking, telecom, Narendra Modi's government has put their black hand in pharmaceutical sector, putting a serious question mark on the sector's survival.

This Narendra Modi's government should quit now....the government wants to get votes by raising the bogey of extreme nationalism.

Adolf Hitler's experiments initially started in a docile manner, only to end up in mass massacres. The same is the case with Islamic Fundamentalism, which had its roots in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, later spreading to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, and now even to Indonesia, France, Uk and Bangladesh.

Narendra Modi's government is testing the patience of people...but when people gets angry, we know what happened in Libia, Romania, etc. Those who are still supporting Narendra Modi's government and his mediocre team, should re-think their strategies.
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