Monday, June 05, 2017

Investment in Stocks, TV Serials and Bollywood Feature Film/s
I am looking for deep pocketed ivestors who are ready to invest around Rs.30-50 lakhs in a
This is an  Bilingual Bollywood Feature
Film from our Production House. It is around
60% complete..
single share/stock based on the research reports presented to them. After they are ready with money they will be given the names of 3-4 stocks mentioning their future prospects. The investors can choose from the list and go for a target or time based investment. If they are uncomfortable to put such large sums of money in their trading account, they can do the same in my demat account and trade. The profit will be shared in the ratio of 50:50; the Period will be fixed for one year and it will be only on investment basis for one year (to get capital gains benefit). However, if the target is achieved earlier than 12 months, the position will be squared off...and the cycle repeated.

Also, on account of ensuring festival season (Eid, Ganesh Utsab, Durga Pooja, Navratri, Dussehera, Kali Pooja, Laxmi Pooja, Christmas, etc), I have decided to give 25% discount on the subscription of the paid service. This facility will be available till 31st December, 2017.

Moreover, if you lost money in some scrips like Reliance Communicatio Ltd, then don't worry. Start with fresh funds, with a target in mind, learning from the previous experiences. In share market there will be losses, those who backs out generally do not succeed. People like us, who are in the equity market for more than a couple of decades, have seen both ups and downs in our individual investments, but have always managed to come out as a winner over a period. Those who quits Midway, seeing losses, never makes money in share market. This is a place for tough guys, who don't buckle under extreme pressures. Always take the help of experts, for your stock market trading/investments. However, an expert can also, sometimes lose money due to judgemental errors, sudden government policy changes, predatory/wrong government policies and decisions, etc,  but over a period he always makes profit -- that is why he has managed to stay afloat here, under severe competition. That is why he is an EXPERT -- have faith on him, if you are somehow associated with him since sometime.

If anyone has the capacity to invest 1-1.5 crore in cash, then I can assure you fixed slots for TV Serials in reputed Channels like Star Plus, Zee, Colour, Sony, etc. I have a team of Bollywood directors, cameramen and specialized persons who can help you in your venture. Your work will be to invest, the production and publicity part will be taken care by my team. You can earn around Rs.2-3 lakh (net) per episode, which means Rs.8-15:lakhs per month, if the serial runs once a week. So, if the serial continues for 3 years, you have more than doubled your investments.

I am looking for financiers (or part financiers) who have the capacity to invest up to Rs.2 Cr, in a Bollywood flick, based on Mumbai's (Bombay's) underbelly. The storyline will be unique, hereto not seen on celluloid. The films like Satya, Vastav, Salam Bombay, etc were hits.

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