Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Mint Money Through Daily and Short Term Trading
Dear investors, till the end of last year, I was mainly focused on short term delivery based trades of basically mid and large cap counters. This strategy did not work well in the last few months, as Narendra Modi's misguided missile "Demonetisation", sucked the blood out of the system. Therefore, I have changed the strategy a bit, as the demands of quick returns from clients poured in..

You must have seen that these days, I hardly recommend small caps, once my speciality; and have now zoomed more into daily trading of large and mid caps, where also money can be made, through meticulous planning. However, there is a RISK element in daily trading, which could be overcome to some extent through experience.

Therefore, if you can risk around Rs.50,000 to 1.25 lakhs (on which I will take a intra - day position of Rs.2 - 3 lakhs per trade), then I can trade on your behalf to generate cash for you through daily and very short term trades. I will not take any part of the profit in the first 6 - months of trade. After that I will take 30% of the profits.

If you are interested, then please shoot a mail at: or; as the seats are limited due to lack of time.
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