Friday, October 28, 2016

Do You know...?
Mr.Amar Singh and Anil Ambani were once in the same party, viz, SP of Mulayam Singh Yadav, isn't it?

Now it is interesting to note that while shares of Energy Development Company Ltd of Amar Singh (in which once Amitabh Bachchan held stake) raced from Rs.19-20 to Rs.220 plus in one year, RCOM (Rs.45.95) is still a laggard.

I feel with Mukhesh Ambani now firmly behind RCom (Anil said Reliance Communications Ltd has virtually merged with RJio Infocom of Mukhesh Ambani) and Both the brothers suddenly becoming Narendra Modi fans, I don't think this dichotomy can continue for long.

Amar Singh, the powerful "Thakur" from the UP is a friend of Ambani Brothers, especially the Junior one.....
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